What Girlfriends Tell Each Other...

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We have came across romantic attraction few times in our lives. I have been in the situation where I develop crushes towards some boys. When I encounter this situation, I normally speak to my girl friends. I do not know about boys, but for girls, they tell each other to put defense up.

Frankly-speaking, I am a girl who has been very skeptical about dating. My friends started dating in such young ages, maybe around 11 or 12, and I could not comprehend what is fascinating about dating. What makes you want to date someone? Is it only because of physical attraction? During my teenage years, I believe it was. Hormones start raging, and it is not strange that I was just really against dating because I considered myself as undesirable. Anyway, maybe that could be a reason of why I do not fancy dating. I think dating is some kind of illusion, every people can survive without significant partner in life. Love is hallucination. Love is the polite excuse for people to be physically intimate. They way people take advantages of each other.

Yes, I can remember how bitter I was.

That makes me very selective of guys. It is rare for me to develop crush from first impression. I can notice a good-looking boy, and say,"OK, he's cute" and it stops there. I takes me more than looks and flirt to finally realise until I can say that 'hey, I like this guy'. Therefore, when I like someone, which I only come across only few times, (I assume the number is just as the same as average exes a girl has) it feels like I have to fight for my feeling until I get the answer of 'yes' or 'no'. Because, it does not come frequent for me. Believe me, you can ask me anything but not relationship advice, and I just dislike it when girls gather to tell their personal love story... I am like, can we talk on something else please?

Until now, well I finally met a guy that I absolutely like. Because I do not want to be a fool, I asked several of my closest friends for their opinion. I do not know if they are not supportive of me, but they tell me to put my defense up as if they are expecting for the worst to come.

It is good to be visionary but, what the worst thing that they are referring to? 

I understand how delicate woman can be, I am a woman, and that makes me very hopeless romantic when I fall for someone, eventhough I do not encounter the feeling as often. Maybe girlfriends are telling it to protect each other. Most of my girlfriends have their own experience when it comes to relationship. Some made it, some did not. It is normal. 

But when girls talk about boys, they begin to talk about pride. They want to make sure that this boy texts them first, and you know play some kind of 'hide and seek' games, which is silly, because they know of their feelings but they decided to stay timid and sending signal. What are they thinking? Are boys decoder? 

Boys will just be boys. They are insensitive and careless. They are bad at reading signals but good at reading maps. They are the fighter, it is true when a boy likes a girl nothing can stop him from getting her. Then why cannot it be applied for girls too? Instead of doing nothing, counting petals, "he like me yes, he likes me not." 

It is hard when girls brings pride to this, as if boys are no longer their opposite attraction but the criminals. They will tell you, 'don't do this or else they will do this to you and tell the other boys'. What can I say is, girlfriends, whatever your relationship baggage or past relationship tells you, just do not lay ground rule of what to do. People ask for advise not a restriction, stop acting as a mother to each other. 

Boys are just equal as girls. They have feelings. Some says that boys believe in stronger physical attraction, which I have to (sadly) admit it is true, but you know, I believe girls think the same thing about the boys, it is just that we are so good at covering up.

This ain't 1920s. I think it is important for girls to stay true and be brave, and we need boys to appreciate, respect and support that. Also, boys must be smart enough not to take advantages out of it.


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