LGBTQ What's wrong with that?

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Growing up in a muslim-majority country, LGBTQ topic has been a very taboo topic to talk about. I, myself, was raised inside a muslim family and until today I hold a strong religious value. That makes me aware of the un-acceptance and intolerance that some religious communities give to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning individual or groups. Some of devoted religious individual/group might be showing aggressive action towards this, some who are silently cared might be just be (well) silent and say, "I better not to take side. It is their own decision and none of our business." And I was one of them too, until I read several posts of LGBTQ abuses, and this particular post made me think that.... No, we cannot be neutral when someone else's life has been taken.

If we are being neutral, it is a lousy defense to hide the fact that you are careless.

We are dealing with human life and human rights. I read some numerous articles, which fact was written and supported by biological study. It said that it is humane, or natural, if human being or even living beings to develop attraction to same-sex gender. Well, I am not a scientist but I took my major in science, and for me I understand it this way :

You have a red hibiscus and yellow hibiscus, and then you marry them to gather, then you have mutation of either red, yellow and orange flower. In a way, some people might be straight, some people might be not, some people might be attracted to both. Homosexuality is biologically generated in form of unlikely pattern. Yes, it is different. Then I guess, it is only a hallucination if   people treat something naturally-existed as a threat. 

I am aware that my religion does not allow any LGBTQ practices and the follower should not support that. But, you know, there are many superstition in particular religion. Some says that I cannot celebrate Christmas party, or Chinese New Year party because it is prohibited. Because by celebrating it, I am supporting other group's agenda. What agenda? Are they referring to lighting up a Christmas tree and firecrackers? 

Let's say,  I am unattached myself as a singular person, with no religious, racial, nationality and political view. Okay... That all prohibitions seem so ridiculous.

I do not want to disrespect my religion and value, but at the same time, I want to help. I think our society is at a deep heartache that caused by illogical thinking and self-analysis. 

Well, if you wanna hear my analysis : I can still be a muslim who consumes Halal Diets, pray 5-times a day, fasting during the Ramadhan, reads to Koran and support LGBTQ community with any effort I am capable to produce. Because why not? At least, I am implementing the core value  to myself before I can help to assist others. Nowadays, people are to busy spreading their agenda and forcing people to accept it. They are turning into a hypocrite and machines to people's agenda, without even looking at themselves first, "Have I done accordingly to my practices?". They say that what they are doing is to achieve world peace. But don't we all see the otherwise? That is not the way it is. A verse in Koran says  "My religion is mine and Your religion is yours". So if an individual is ready to accept Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or Judaism, they will tell themselves once they are ready. What makes war is intolerance, and it should not be taught and treated as a proud value.

There should be no problem for us to live of own peaceful life and then, help each other. Bare in mind that, inside the LGBTQ community there are our bothers and sisters who withhold the same religious and cultural value as we do. They are in depression and heartbroken-condition because of social pressure. Imagine if one of family members or closest friends are one of LGBTQ individual, would you accept them or would you not?


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