Happy Birthday to Me!

how cute is this birthday photo collage? I mean look at the puppy in red shirt!

One day, a year ago, I was in a bus home from campus. Until I met this particular fellow in surprise, Aida (@aydazzz). We haven't seen each other for a while. We decided to kill the day with movie and lunch, because seriously, I had enough of thesis thinking. After the day, we talked and talked. I shared her a story that I am actually writing when she told me about her photography blog. She was the one that encouraged me to start up a blog. I, personally, think blogspot was outdated because now there have been many writing platform in the internet such as tumblr, wordpress and even Facebook notes. I do not see blogspot as something that can be pursued seriously. Until Aida explained to me all features of it and then I knew. Then I started.

So, I started with this post.

I named this blog 3 times. The first was "adjoemoetia". I think this name was kinda cool. It was my name written in old Indonesian spelling. So from, Ayu Meutia, I changed the letter "y" into "dj" and the letter "u" into "oe". That's the way people spelled some letters back in those day. I thought the name embodied me, because it was obviously my name and I wrote lots of stories  and unnecessary daily log. It was ordinary and personal really. 

The second round, I named this blog as, "The Overthinker". It was during or after my graduation. I was job-searching, found a job, surviving... It was a rather difficult time, but I got the whole experience of a transition. I took adulthood process in one step out time. I have to admit, I was in denial, (extremely) anxious, and impulsive. A friend of mine--no, it was Aida--commented, that I should not use or embrace this phrase (The Overthinker) as something to be proud of. But that time, I embraced it much. I felt like it makes me smart and careful, whereas, I was nothing like that. But it is true, I did overthink a lot of everything. I got easily irritated and intimidated for no reason. So, this blog captured my emotion especially my self-struggle to survive the first 6-month of my job and also love-life that is going nowhere... I hope not yet. This is when I felt proud and not proud of the same time of myself. A very complicated time.

The third time, this time, I am calling my blog as "The Naked Soul". 

I remembered I was taking personality quiz. The examiner looked so surprised because she found out that I have contradicted major and minor personalities. This is rare, she said. I cannot remember the name of the personalities, but I was categorized type "C"  for my major personality and type "I" for my minor one. Type "C" people are known to be very serious and introvert. They need to work behind the desk. While type "I", is the opposite, these are people who are very extrovert and will not do well on office work. She found my result interesting. I admit, that is true. I sometimes feel that these personalities contradict and shaping me into a indecisive person. They are taking battle, but now after I also the days in Bali alone. Having a  moment to exhale. I sat by the beach alone. I befriend people from different backgrounds. I wore my see-through clothes and low-cut blouse like do not even give a damn. It feels like nothing, can ever stop me anymore. Thus, those sides inside of me are making peace. Thus, I now know how victory really feels.

Therefore, I hope that I can continue this blog and write wholeheartedly. Be honest. My wish is also to gain awesome readers.

Happy Birthday to (the other) me!

Eventhough it is a month late :)


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