Wade, Who? : Being an outcast in Hollywood

Ever since I have followed his reality dance show in MTV which aired back in 2003, I was 11 by then, I found Wade Robson as a great artist and personality and I have been such a huge fan.  He is loved by everyone of his great performance and persona. Every now and then, I have been following constant news update of him. Checking out if he has new things or projects going on. In 2004, he flew to London to produce MTV Shakedown. A year later, he married his sweetheart--which kinds of breaking my heart, or whatsoever, but he is now happily married which is very good--A year later, he flew to S.E Asia, to be exact, to Singapore for MTV Shakedown--for which I missed, I was there like 2 months before he arrived. The same year he had also been involved in So You Think You Can Dance. Every judge and contestant paid a huge amount of respect he deserves, and he produced great number which led him to achieve Primetime Emmy awards in 2007. Maybe, he is not as famous as he was during his early 20s, when he still has his own show, but we get to hear news from him. Good ones, until now.

With surfboard, he has never looked this Aussie before...

Ok, I am guilty as charged, we all search or cyber-stalk our favorite celeb, don't we? But it helps me to assess media report which says that he (Wade) filed a lawsuit against MJ's estate for molestation that happened in his childhood. 

It is easy for everyone, especially die-hard Michael Jackon's fans to point finger at Wade about the claim. Yes, I also checked in the internet, I know about the sealed claim that he filed even Wade's lawyer comment, but it is the internet. Is it legitimate or not, that we have not found out yet. It is the internet, everyone can create everything. And even though, without looking at the evidence of the claim, it is easy for people to believe in the story. As for me, it is the otherwise.

It hard for me to believe in the story because, first, Wade and MJ are good friends even until Michael's death. Wade even testified for MJ's trial in 2005 and resulted in MJ's acquittal in child molestation acquisitions. Strangely, all of the evidence of video, article ans his testimony at MJ's trial that shows Wade's support to MJ has now being turned into a backlash. Wade is now labelled as a traitor and backstabber. This media spin is going too far.

I stand both for Wade and Michael, they are both innocent. I do not know who is playing the game. Why am I so convinced?

First, Michael has quitted all the child molestation allegation in 2005. Second, for people who believe that Wade does, or makes this report for money, I believe Wade has a substantial fund to survive or even to live large. He has been working closely with superstars such as Demi Lovato (2011) and One Direction (2012). 

Wade appears on Demi Lovato's live gig, 2011

One Direction in America part 5, you'll notice Wade as their choreographer

He appears in DS2DIO youtube channel for masterclass in the same year. The timeline itself suggested that Wade was able to perform well in recent years, and clearly, he did not overcome a nervous breakdown. He has never been running out of job. I mean come on, he has a great creative and leadership value. He runs a company. The man can get any kind of job offer before he even has to try. Plus, he has welcomed his firstborn on November 2010. If there's anything, he should be on the cloud nine. The last and not least, Michael and Wade have been good friends. Yes, there are some claims that says, Wade is a backstabber, he clearly does not know that he owes Michael for the fame he is enjoying right now. I believe Wade is eternally grateful to work so close with Michael, just like what he always mentions in interview.One thing he knows, yes, he owes Michael and Michael himself cannot never be more proud of Wade's works.

The interview he did in 2012, which shows he is all fine.

TMZ, the first news agency--hard to even consider them as 'news' agency--that reported on this matter also extracted opinions from celebrities, one of whom, is Omarion. I do not know what is the purpose of that. Probably to gain publicity and draw sympathy away from Wade. 

I am very curious to know where this story might lead. One comment I read on tumblr said that it might probably created by a concert promoter who forced Robson to take an offer he could not refuse, so this scene outbreaks.

Wade himself never asks for fame, he likes to stay behind the camera. As mentioned, on the interview done by DS2DIO he mentioned that he would rather stop the train of being a cool guy in MTV. He is simple and soulful. I mean look at his works are done and the way of his thinking. He believes in spiritual side of human being. He reads Thich-Nhat-Hanh! It is just that difficult when you bring Michael Jackson to the scene, a celebrity who has gained pop cult worldwide over the past 30 years, and Wade is just Wade... Despite of the awards and recognition he has people will stand against who are they more favor of. He has undergone this before when the world was against him during the breakup of Britney and Justin. He, then, was accused as the one who made Britney cheated on Justin.

Oh, man, it really is hard to make it on Hollywood, isn't it?

I do not know what makes me so passionately comment about this, but, my prayer is with Wade and his family.


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