Wade, Who? Being an outcast in Hollywood (2)

This is a continuation/update on Wade, Who? : Being an outcast in Hollywood

So, I have been so aware of the news update regarding molestation claim which Wade Robson made against the late King-of-Pop, Michael Jackson. 

This evening I have watched the latest, first, long-awaited appearance of Wade Robson (ever) after making the claim. I would personally dismiss his new long-grown, dark, wavy hair. I want to concentrate on a serious matter first.

Jackson and Robson

When I first came across the news. I strongly believed that the news is false. That Wade has never made such comment and Michael has never done any sexual harassment. The moment I heard Wade's confession about what really happened, it is very heartbreaking.

I have been a huge fan of Wade and Michael. Michael Jackson, for, me indeed is the King-of-Pop and the very best performer that the world once had. His works has moved and enticed  the people of all different beliefs, mother-tongues, races, and color-skins together. He has created a massive, universal cult. His departure was truly sad. It made us all mourned. It is clear that Wade has made a very cautious move to stand against Michael Jackson, a beloved icon from generations, while he, Wade, is only a tiny freckle compared to Michael's giant success. Even though, Wade has gained a legitimate fame.

I found this news heartbreaking because, it is very sad to know that Wade had concealed everything after these 22 years. I believed he had kept it a secret from his family. But once the rockbottom finally came, which is when he finally welcomed a son and raised him, it is understandable that he felt extremely anxious. I believed that this news come as a shocking revelation to his family. Especially to his mother and sister, who had been having him in careful watch when he was 7 - 14, when the molestation was claimed to happen. I am pretty sure it hit them really hard.

I am a huge fan of Wade not because of only his looks and talent. I was at first. But I learnt that he is more than that. He started his career in a very young age. What I find impressive is, that, at a very young age, he was such a determined young person. He knows that he wants to live in dance or any sort of creative platforms that he loves. He has been very certain and positive about it.

Take a good look at ourselves. For instance, I am 21 and I am trying so hard to fulfill my goal one of which is--let's say--to write. In my teenage years, I had never been so sure of what I want, therefore I have not yet improved myself to achieve it. I knew I had the skill and passion, but I have not developed it well, because I have a problem with my self-confidence. I was afraid that every work that I have shown will be seen as a self-vanity or boast, and, few strong competitors who make me feel like I am not good enough as a writer. I have been there. I believe, the same anxiety happens to every people. To younger or older people than my age. To question what they want in life and deeper. However, I am just being thankful that I have been brave to admit that--yes, I am questioning this anxiety, what do I want in life and I am now positive that I am on my way to the answer. I will be happy everyday because there are so much more in our lives to smile about. Believe me, I have seen to many people--mostly older than me--wasting their time, causing  harm to others and themselves. I do not want to be those kinds of people who are very unthankful, passive and insensitive towards the bliss around them.

And (back to the story) Wade has found the answer when he was so young. That is something something to admire of. Because, even an adult cannot figure out what they want in life. Of course, he was supported by his family and Michael Jackson. I believe, he cannot be more thankful of that. I doubt that the file that he reported shows otherwise or the opposite, it is only a matter that must be done.

For me, the heartbreaking part is knowing Wade, a legitimate young man that we know of, a world-class choreographer, a character that we have known to be all-put-together, has a dark history of keeping this as a secret. Imagine faking a smile everytime he heard MJ's name being mentioned. After all this time, he had been wearing a mask.

People seems to accuse him for seeking attention and expecting to earn dirty money.  In response to speculations that are pointed against him.

- First, people think that Wade is seeking attention. I mean, what do you think he is? Wade Kardashian? C'mon people. He does not like being in a limelight. In an interview done by DS2DIO he mentioned that he preferred not to continue his MTV show because he does not feel like it is right for him, that's why he was "stopping the train". It was his personal preference of being away from the limelight not because an unfortunate cause. Of course with his talent and not to mention good look he can always make the cut to Hollywood. He has already have the access. During his absence in television, he had been productive. He filmed shorts and taught in dance conference. He even directed AJ's music video for his post-Backstreet Boys single. Recently, he worked with major artists like One Direction and Demi Lovato and he appears regularly in So You Think You Can Dance. And, are you telling us that he is still seeking attention? He had earned the attention by his tremendous works.

- Second, people think that it is about money and he is just another mean people who wants to take MJ's for granted. I just dislike the way is media portraying him right now. I assume Wade has substantial saving not even enough to survive, but to live large. Artists that work with him must be charging him with fortune.

- Third, why now? Because, his son was not born in 2009, the year MJ passed. He was born on November 2010. To watch his son grows, it takes like 2-3 years. It is understandable timeline for him to apply the claim due to his emotional breakdown. I knew that he was starting to dance to MJ's song at the age of 3, where he discovered his passion for dance. His son is about to reach that age.

- Fourth, to slander MJ. I do not know if he has any personal motif behind this claim. Let's think first okay. If you are about to attack a major superstar like MJ, Britney Spears, Celine Dion or Nicki Minaj, you know that you are putting your life and name at jeopardy. Wade knows of the consequences. He is slandering himself. He is aware that he took an oath before this. Perhaps, he might feel that it is much better to take risk rather than holding in silence. I do not know how it exactly feels to be a victim of sex abuse. I clearly understand Wade's feeling as a parent, a father and a victim. It takes more than everything in the world to heal. So I assume, he is doing everything that he could to demand justice to achieve peace.

For me it is a violation, when someone takes your innocence for granted. I am trying not to be judgmental about this case, which is not my personal case, but has been developed into my current curiosity and interest. I know less of Michael, so I write this based on my knowledge.  Most of people might easily think that Wade is an opportunist, but not me. I am only amongst the few who believe him.

I look forward for the hearing.

Bonus pic :
wavy dark hair that I thought he'd never had *sigh*


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