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I am writing this post after a run of hot shower and now I am cuddling with my pillows too.  My laptop is on my lap, and I am writing again after a very long break. It has been a long week of labour. Half of year of anxiety and endurance, but it is finally paid off. I cannot be more grateful. I have travelled the way which most of young people avoid, and I succeed. However, I know my story is not over yet, and I am yet to plan what's ahead of me. 

I cannot explain this excitement with words really. But yeah, I hope I am going to use this opportunity to start over and become a better person for myself and people around me.

There are so many things to recap, there are Malaysian election and there are some headlines that attracts me to write, but I have not yet to finish a single article because I was too contended by work and inner-pressure. Seeing my blog view drops everymonth also saddens me, I hope I can continue to write productively.

I wish I will improve naturally and don't consider writing as a laborious task, because at some point, so-called obsessed writer-wannabe like me has come across the doubts. But no worry.

And I am going to TEDxUBUD the end of the month ... yeay!


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