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Hi there,

How are you spending tonight? How are you spending April? I don't know how many people will come across this post, but, I just want to let you know that I am ending this month with grace.

Anyway, I just watched Ironman 3 and had Chinese dinner with friends. Days earlier until this afternoon my mom came to visit. Last week a best friend also visited me. I had birthday surprise from the office.  But I had quite of dispute and tension against my senior. Life has a strange way to cheer you and sneak up on you, doesn't it? 

I am 21 now, but I don't feel like I am any much older. It means that I am still the same old me, like it or not, age is just a number. But hey, I need to change few things in my perspective. I learnt, gained, and failed a lot in my 20. Now here's what I need to improve on myself before I reach 22 :

Be outspoken

It is just enough for me to be the silent one or the writer
I promise myself to be bold to people.
Say what I like, Say what I don't like
Because I am done enduring.
I need to learn to be aggressive

Be positive

I realize the first 3 word that come out of my mouth every morning are :
"I hate you"
I don't really say it in front of mirror to myself,
but that words just slipped out of my tongue during unreasonable situation
in the shower, in the kitchen, in my bedroom
definitely, something is not positive about this and I am going to do the opposite
I am going to look in front of mirror and say the opposite of the fear that I am about to face that day
No co-worker will give me cold shoulder
Client will send me everything that I need by today
I must hear a good news, and I will
I will remain positive

Two things, and there are still 360 days to achieve it. Can I?
I just need a good health to do it :)


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