Monologue #10 : ONE HUNDREDTH POST

Hi Earthlings,

How are you doing? How is Chinese New Year? How is your valentine.
Office is off for a week for CNY and I am currently spending my time in my hometown. I never expected this, sitting casually on my room and watching some pirated DVD copies of oscar-listed titles that I need to catch up with. No interruption from work, although I am absolutely worried of what awaits me once I set foot to the office. One week is a massive pause in advertising agency. I have just heard that a colleague has to come to work during the break.

I have been staying 8 days here and I can say that I have bored myself almost to death. I don't do many activities except shopping for headbands, groceries, visiting my dentist, watching movies... And I did visit a gym and jog quite frequently to make a balance because you know once you are taking care of your own self sloppily and you come to your parent's house... You what you are gonna get. I might sound like complaining but I am not really. It is just that I have no idea or plan of what to do once I'd arrive in Palembang. I have not even met any of my friends here which is not as upsetting as I thought it'd be, maybe because we have spend some quality time together on previous break and I believe nothing is remotely changed.... Except their graduations and my first job.... Then I guess, it'd be awesome if we would meet for a movie or karaoke. But again it is not as upsetting because I do not have any plan and that is okay.

I am moving into my grandparent's house here as my mother did some renovation. You know when you are back in your hometown, you are kinda wishing to be back in your childhood house, a house where you grew up with, where it holds memories, and I have been switching house quite many times ever since high school. It is not like my family has many houses... No.... Huff, we wish. But I can say I do not really have it. I do not even have a room of my own. I do not even know where my clothes are stored It is not like I am not being thankful nor the house is underbuilt, but I feel like everything that is configured it is now disfigured. Although this house is also a part of me when I grew up.

And I remember the feeling when I was so excited to go back home for studying break when I was a student, and I planned so many things to do with my friends and family... Now, I do not feel the need to. I feel like being in KL or Palembang it is the same thing although it is not. So I feel little less excitement. Maybe because in KL I have a job that keeps me productive and in here

I have family that is supportive. They are two different separate worlds and lifes. I am trully grateful for that and I am currently wonder whether this is what being an adult feels like. The feeling of independence, not to be belonged to anything or anyone in particular but scared at the same time.

I am not settling anything in my life yet. But it is nice to feel surprised and making plans.
I just hope anything will get better after this...

Anyway, this is my hundredth post! Let's celebrate with layout change and this...

And my readership is now reaching 10.000+ and that's within a year....
Thank you for those who visit this blog, I hope you do really read this blog, not just being directed from some random site or links--but I am pretty positive that I gain most of my readers that way haha.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of today....


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