(NOW) I bake pretty and tasty : Baked Golden Apple

The idea started on a rainy afternoon. Triggered by some blogs and friend's post. I managed to create my own Baked Apple!

A Baked Royal Gala with lemon-infused trail mixed :9

I was definitely frustrated because of the weather that caused me skipping gym again and my urge to snack is just... I cannot resist to munch. So I guess this recipe is just perfect!

All you need is microwave, a microwave-safe ware and some ingredients! It takes 10 minutes to have it done!

(my own creation...)

- 1 Royal Gala Apple. I used this because it is not as sweet as red delicious but less sour than granny smith. It has crunchy texture too. Not too soft and not too hard. Not to mention, I like the bright color! Selection of apple depends personally.
- Choice of trail mix. Cinnamon and raisins are the original companions of baked apples, but I want something that is more fulfilling. So, I decided to be creative in this! I got the last stock of exotic trail mix, consists of dried lemon zest, banana chips, seeds, raisins and nuts. Definitely a perfect match for Royal Gala taste. Try to find a mix of dried fruits and nuts to flavorize for your creation too!
- A flick of butter. Flick?! I mean just a little amount of butter. Just a little. Butter is great but don't get carried away!
- A dash of  sweet syrup. Just half a spoon will do. You do not want to overpower the sweet taste, because you are not making candies. I use Aunt Jemima Butterlite pancake syrup. You can use sugar or any type of sweetener if you may. Back to basic with Cinnamon seems like a good choice. More sweetener is an excuse for granny smith!

1. Take the apple's core out. If you use melon baller that would be great. But me, I don't have one, so I used knife. I was like creating a huge nesting cave for the next step as I was so going to munch much!
2. Stuff the apple with your mix. This is the next step I am talking!
3. Put that slick of butter on the top of the mix.
4. Dash your apple with your choice of syrup or sweetener.
5. In microwave-friendly kitchenware, put 2 tablespoons of water to keep the apple moist. Bake the apple in the microwave for 10 minutes or less, until the flesh and skin soften.
6. Your baked apple is ready to enjoy!

- Calculate the baking time well. Small-sized apple is taking short time to cook rather than the big one. Make sure you do not under/overcook your apple. Choose your size.
- Create a flavor that goes together. Be creative. I was thinking granny smith with sultana raisins or dries prunes!
- You can use an oven to improve your creation. It seems quite professional to bake it in the oven, huh? My recipe is simple, bachelorette way.
- Serve this on breakfast or as dessert!


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