The Ghost of The Past

Morning Earthlings,

It's new year as we know it. New challenge, new excitement, and new plans. But have you ever reminded of something from your past that continuously haunts you no matter what your situation is?

Yesterday, I woke up with a bit of fury in my chest. I experienced a dream of old friends from my junior high school.

Let me tell you about my junior high school life. I was a student in a small private school, but  please don't think about beverly hills or what, seriously nothing was fancy about that. Nobody would ever hear and recall our school name was. That was lame. Period. Although, I had few relatives acting as teachers there, which was kind of awkward.

I was a tween. I barely had nothing much to do with my social life. Although, my social circle was okay. I gained few friends from my tuition center and some other external activities outside school. I was a shy and normal person.

I remembered having a particular friend back then. She was kind of a bit of a tomboy and somewhat of a queen bee. Everyone would follow what she would say and do, or else you were excluded from the circle. And for a teen, or perhaps, someone who doesn't have much of a wide social circle, being excluded or casted aside is a nightmare.

She was indeed an amusing friend to be with. She had this kind of charm and confident, BUT...

I did not know what I did wrong with her and her friends, or maybe I was growing eventually into such a boring person so she needed to bully me or whatever. Once or twice, she would mock me of everything I did. It was totally like Indonesian sinetron scene. For instance, I handed out her a flyer or my upcoming event outside school and she ditched the paper out in front of my eyes-oh well. 

But I did not receive that much of bully, my close friend did. She was considered the prettiest in the school. Therefore, she was easily despised by some jealous bitches. Then they started making rumor about her being so promiscuous and all. There were four of us, previously six, but 2 had transferred, we were close friends for 6 years and over, including that pretty friend of mine. We were fine, until, they tore us apart. Spreading good amount of provocations.

It is a child's drama, really. 

I personally could take of what they did to me. But somehow, I could not take how they segregated us. And that was the ghost of my past. 

Ah, I long to meet up with my comrades and have a good long chat about this.

The moral note is, it takes a long time to find good friends that are supportive of you. You don't want to be friends with someone for reaching some kind of a status. This. You should take your note on. 

I can still find a person of my age that is trying hardly to climb a social status. Heck many of them. Mingle with people they actually dislike, and you have that... Gossip Girl, 90210, all entertainment materials.

Personally, I admit that I can be quite boring and silent. You can put the most talkative, social person in the world next to me and he would be the most gloomy person in the world. If he talk, he would talk nothing but spill his sorrow and problem. Hey, wait a sec, that doesn't mean I am a boring person to be. I am a walking bar, and I find that to be awesome!

Anyway, if you are looking something to talk about except boring quotes or music, don't bother to  stalk my facebook. I am just a normal, normal, normal, and happy person.


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