Aud Lang Syne

This is my first post in 2013, so...


How did you celebrate the Eve? I celebrated with my family. Some said that this new year's eve was not any different from the last one. Same goes to me, but that is not the reason to be thankful, right?

I was in KLCC where people from different countries and nationalities are gathered into one celebration. It started really boring for me. Because, my mother and my extended relatives were busily playing with their gadgets rather than having conversations. I meant to stow my gadget away as usual. And, that's another thing about me, I might be producing spams a lot in twitter and Path, but I believe in social humane interaction more compared to those virtual ones. I am just that traditional, means I am not that kind of person who doesn't update anything on their soc-med accounts, but constantly looking through what's going on online via their gadgets even it takes them to ignore their surrounding. They're our social and virtual watch-dogs I tell you... and we're gonna have some bad time.

Anyhow, so, the night was starting to be potato-boring (an Indonesian term derived and translated  from casual slang of kentang, expression used when things get to be so boring to the level that you become still like a potato inside a rag bag), so I left the venue to my nearby hotel room, catching few glimpse of New Years Eve on HBO (Strangely, I had been thinking about the movie a lot that day) and having some tea. Until then, I came back again just 10 minutes before the countdown. It was so crowded and I was pissed because nobody was giving me way in. Again, I was not surprised when Gangnam Style was played over a million times to keep the audience psyched. That is so 2012!

I recorded some fireworks and caught some pictures, but it is still on my BB I don't really have time to transfer it and it is not that good anyway.

One thing to highlight that night was the fireworks. I have never put so much concentration on watching NYE fireworks. I used to record the whole thing until I missed the real magic and excitement about the year-changing. But not this time.

Have you ever seen how great it is, watching fireworks nearly shower on to the top of your head? I realized how magical the moment was when I knew the fire was about to touch me but I was keeping my body still as if it would not fall and burn me.... alright, you can call me high or drunk.

Anyhow I think thats the way it is. Even though, I am not contemplating on the idea, "2013, the new year", but I believe something's big gonna happen for all of us this year. Something challenging, especially for me.

2012 was a very good year. It was a discovery of friendship, passion, love, hard-work and living like an adult.

Now 2013, whatever it is... something awaits us. And it takes determination to achieve it.

I hope you all the best this year, Earthlings.


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