Youth Negligence, Disabling Revolution

P.S : Too short for a talkback post, too spaced-out to think of more. So here it is, me being politically pretentious. And happy 12-12-12... yeah right

The negative remark from former Malaysia’s Communication Minister over BJ Habibie’s presidency might spread like a wildfire last night (11/12/2012). Hence, all the reconstructed confidence and trust towards our neighboring country seemed to be shaken and about to collapse in any minutes after.

I cannot say more that the news had caused another social disturbance amongst Indonesians who live, work and study in and around Malaysia. However, I, personally think that this kind of sentiment is small enough to be dismissed.

I respect and admire BJ Habibie’s personality and leadership. I have read the said article and I can say that I have to disagree with the writer. Simply because, neither leaders nor a single person are born perfect. BJ Habibie did what he had to do in order to manage all accounts that were left after Soeharto occupancy from sudden, forced, resignation. In the said article, the ex-president was called “Dog of Imperialism”, but again, who is not? Aren’t they all? Aren’t we all? And whom to blame?

There are many questions to ask and left unanswered. Yet, a friend of mine added that to stop imperialism there must be a revolution. Apparently, reformation was far less dramatic and far less effective to awaken our nation, which is true. Then it comes to me, that in order to achieve revolution, bold step and bold actions has to be takend and enabled by the hands of today’s younger generations

And what are they up to except making stupid youtube videos and get lost inside their own universe, whilst continuously ignoring daily papers?



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