Social Media 101

This will be just another random post....

First of all, Good Afternoon, Earthlings. I might have sneaked behind my office desk to write this post, but that does not mean I was not doing my job, okay. haha. Pardon me, because most of my colleagues are off to getaway land and so are the clients, so I left with nothing but a rapid internet connection then I am up to something bad... hehe...

Have you ever read thorough of your social media timeline? 

Twitter is by far my most favorite social media, and one particular day, I managed to read through all the status I had written and I surprised myself. I do notice of two things that I have never missed a day without tweeting and secondly, I tweeted unnecessary things that cracks me up.

But most of all, I am able to see which part of myself grow and stay. It is exciting really. And I am able to see the lines. 

There's me being knowledge-and-literate-pretentious; There's me being an aspiring writer and sharing my work links confidently; Me being a girl who cannot move on,  then being a girl who can finally move on, and later being a girl who meets a new person;  Then came the side of me being Dee-fanatic;  The side of me being so frustrated and tad bit kinky after reading 50 Shades of Grey; My creepy obsession and inappropriate mentions to Wade Robson and Ian Somerhalder (seriously guys, it is bad) and many more that I cannot think of. But you can always follow me on twitter @AyuMeutia to find out (self promotion intended)


Twitter or any social media can be your time capsule, that you can open less than hundreds or ten years. And I found that very exciting and helping. Because nowadays, people start to grow such annoyance towards social media and come the idea that social media is a place for attention-seekers or whatnot. Well, I guess that depends on how intense you use social media.

Last year, I was a keen user of social media, especially Twitter. With 140 characters limit of posting, Twitter is an ideal place to pour emotion for someone like me, for someone who constantly think of short random thought in casual occasion. I used to tweet provocatively thus I drew some attention out of my intention, but I paid a price too.

What I am saying and encouraging is that, turn social media use as a healthy platform. I don't mind of excessive posters or users, because I used to be one, heck, I am still now, I guess... as long as they put a purpose on to it and give you good useful feeds, it's fine, that is how social media is supposed to be utilized.

And since, everyone is involved in social media, I am talking about family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers, just don't overdo anything that is not necessary. However, the other way around, don't let them break you. Yes, they might judge everything about you from what you have posted and all... just remember, the real life is out there, in the civilization that's why you have to mingle out too. Don't feel like punishing yourself because everyone has their own value, and so are you. So you gotta respect yourself.

Some says that social media is a tool to estrange people from the real world, well, in the end you decide...


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