Big Bad Wolf Bookfair

Good Morning Earthlings,

I hope you earn a good start on Monday. Remember, one more Monday until Christmas! Speaking of good start, I don't really experience mine today. Since I presume that today is going to be a slow day at the office, I am thinking to write what I wanted to share with you last week 

I went to Big Bad Wolf Bookfair on The Mines Convention Center. It was and is a happening place to go. Door opens from 9 a.m to 10 p.m (?) and the fair starts from December 7 to 23. For those of you who haven't yet visited, take your time to!

just a glimpse of the fair, but that don't look like a glimpse, aint it?

The shoppers were all excited. They brought cart and boxes to place their books and all, while I was just using my own bare arms to hold my books, well before I transferred them onto a relatively small box. I really didn't aim to shop for books. I shouldn't. I have been spending a lot on books yet I have not read them all. Some of them are all preserved neatly on my bookshelves. It is a nerd's shame really, but I am a slow reader... sue me.

But that doesn't mean I was not excited. It was an impromptu decision to spend the weekend thus I crafted lists of book I wanted to read in my mind. I wanted buy some Paolo Coelho, John Green,  Game of Thrones and Dragon Tattoo's trilogy. But I found nothing! It was disappointing really, but what could I expect. 

But that doesn't mean they only sell old books. They sold recent books as well. But it was not my lucky weekend I guess. They had cooking books from Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson with hardcovers and it only costs RM. 20! Holy cow! If I have my cooking station moves from Palembang to Cyberjaya, I'd totally buy them! Last time, I saw them displayed, it costed about RM.100--something. Crazy sale, I tell you.

Anyway, I managed to buy 5 books. 

You know they say, it is hard to change your favorite brand of cereals or shampoo. The same goes to me with reading. I found numerous interesting titles but I ended reading of what I have heard before. Well, maybe next time then... My budget was RM. 50 or below. So yeah, I got awesome readings.

on my buy-list

1. The heart of the matter - Emily Griffin

I thought I need some chic reading, and Emily Griffin is just perfect. I watched Something Borrowed and I fell in love with it since it is very relatable. This is now on my reading list, and I hope it will amaze me. The book titles is the same to my favorite song from India.Arie, that adds a reason to buy.

2. Tell All - Chuck Palahniuk

No one tells a story like Chuck Palahniuk. He is one of a kind. Although, I will never ever ever understand what he is writing because his choice of wordings are very peculiar for me. It was on my reading list and I was 40 pages from the ending. I can never finish a Palahniuk. I have Pygmy at home and I haven't finished reading it. On tell all, he tells a story like a screenplay. You might want to increase focus and concentration reading his works, but nevertheless, I am still a fan. He got me at Fight Club of course...

3. The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce - Paul Torday

I bought this because I learnt the writer wrote Salmon Fishing in Yemen, and I am curious to read his other works. I am reading this currently, and it is good so far. It tells a story about a wine-taster, I guess--because I haven't finished reading it.

4. For One More Day - Mitch Albom

At last,  I found my cereal! In larger print. I cannot wait to read it!

So that makes a total of four books, apparently... well, I bought two what-you-call-it, somewhat  minibooks on certain topic, which I'd rather not say... hahaha....

So that's all....
Back to work Earthlings!

(P.S : I hope my employer would understand this, and consider no punishment...)


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