A Kaleidoscope Year : July - August - September

Good Day Earthlings,

I am clearly bored at home thus, I kept eating non stop and it is no good. I am supposed to gradually updating this kaleidoscope, but it turns out that I have nothing to do so, I hope you don't mind I update some more.

Anyway, for some epilogue, you want to know that I have been constantly eating a lot this morning like a hunger games contestant. I hope this will stop, therefore I am done eating for today and I have to search for another activity to get me busy and distract me from unhealthy eating. I swear to God, I can feel my cheeks getting more and more round like hamsters'. I can see them peeking when I peep down. I also did my grocery shopping yesterday, alone! I supposed I need some "ME" time. But I ended up cranky. I used to shop consistently when I was a student, and it has been like what... 4...5... months without grocery shopping and it turned out to be hassle. The bus wouldn't come, when I arrived families were having a day out, and the shelves were arranged differently. I was surprised that I am not getting more familiar with that. 

But it is good though, I get everything that I need, so I don't have to drop off to the minimarket and spend RM. 5 everytime I go back from the office. It is seriously waste of money and time. Plus, I cook again. Ah, how I miss cooking.


P.S : The writing process of this post was delayed in a week. Before I continue, I'd like to say congratulation to all Limkokwing Graduates who celebrate their time as of today (15/12/2012), although, by the time of this writing I still haven't had a company to go to the graduation with :( and I'd like to express deepest condolence to the victims and survivors of Connecticut shooting. It was a real devastating news to be first-heard when waking up this morning.

On a relatively relevant note, I was also graduating on July 2012. However, I felt less excited about that. Perhaps, it was because I didn't enjoy my time in the university and I didn't feel like giving 100%. Funny thing is, I expected an award. I have never spoken about this because I feel embarrassed by this ridiculous demand, which I didn't get either. Well, I am a good student. I maintain good grades, so is there a reason not to? But, why expect anything if I didn't enjoy the time and the process myself?  I write a post about my graduation here. It was not bad. It was alright. But again, I have to be thankful, because being graduated on-time from a reputable uni is a blessing itself. Maybe I was not thankful enough. Now as of today, seeing my friends graduating, I am in my most celebrative mood. Besides, I learn that a friend, Indonesian friend, is receiving another award. I cannot wait to see him this morning... and say HBD to Adi! I cannot be more happy.

I also got to travel a lot this month. I went to Mallaca, Penang and Singapore. I got to watch The Kooks! The Kooks! Imagine. Luke Pritchard! Well, at least I can tick off something from my bucket list. I went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Andy Warhol exhibition the same time. The most important highlight was me, meeting Dewi Lestari! I am a fan of her works and her works are my tremendous muse to move forward.

And of course, I was met with Ramadhan again. Being an Islamic faith's holder, I am tremendously thankful... especially to spend a whole month fasting in my hometown with my family.

I am home, and I am fine.

Oh, about the script I sent to the publisher? They rejected it.


This is a month when I spent nothing at all but, procrastinating and doing constant writing. I felt like being a slave for myself. I was writing like a mad man inside my room, maybe my mother felt slight concern about me, because I was supposed to send out resume to other more agencies. I swear to God, I was about to forfeit. Once, I offered a placement in multinational agency in Jakarta, but I turned it down, simply because I'd really like to find a job in Kuala Lumpur. So, there I was, before not knowing it, I turned bitter and I wrote a disturbing, bitter story as if I am a classic poet like Bukowski. As if I have the reason to be bitter and at the same time, be appreciated. I was in my self-defense state.

The good thing is I have became closer to my friends, my high school friends. It's good to know that now, the show won't go on without me. Because during the old times, no one considered me that much. It doesn't mean that I was an anti-social, well, a bit maybe... I have friends, but this time, it is something different. Okay, say, I was being an anti-social, maybe that was not their fault, it was my fault because I was busy with my own world of not-speaking-to-others.

And it is good to have my house visited during lebaran, having myself visited the others' houses to, receiving "uang lebaran" haha... and meet up with high school pals of course... until they ask about how it is going next after graduation... 

Well, I am taking it easy I say.

... at the end of the month I joined several writing competitions.


Nothing can go wrong with September, it holds many stories since it has begun. I met a cute foreigner sitting next to me on flight back to KL. Unfortunately during 90 minutes flight we didn't share a word. (Evethough, I am dead curious to find out, how the hell a cute bule like this managed to visit Palembang?) But only "hi-bye"s on the immigration desks. So silly, but sweet. He is the first reason why I survive this month, and God, you are so good.

I have been through a lot this month, job seeking, job interview, job placement, job resignation, and job seeking again, job interview again.... and suddenly come into job placement in an office I am currently on. It is a blessing really, although I am still in training.

And I am commuting back and forth from home to workplace. Takes about 2 hours, and I was staying closer with my auntie nearby KL, not for long, because she has her husband coming and staying all the way from Jakarta. So, I am stepping off for their privacy.

I am still putting up with my writing project and that writing competition... which I failed.

Nevertheless, at the end of the month, I passionately shared my view and had my first article in The Jakarta Globe published :)


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