P.S : This is a continuation of Over The Cliff, Nearby the Ocean  , my angst story post. An intelectual propert of mine. The eye picture isn't mine though. 

It had been all day of sleeping and waking up on the sofa. Yet, I was still in the same outfit as I was. The tea-drenched grey undershirt, oversize red flannel shirt and blood and dirt stained jeans. I believe I have been fainted for five or six hours after the bastard’s assault. I glanced up on the clock. I realized it was quarter after one in the morning and that I woke to a thumping sound.
It was not the thumping sound from the night ocean wave that collided hard against the steady rock below the cliff. The sound resonated just across and close. I really wanted to put back myself to sleep because I did not feel like bothering the sound, but it was the other way around, the sound was bothering me loud. I listened closely and tried to search where it was sourcing.
There were only three doors inside the living room. The large one was the glass door heading the ocean and it was closed. The second one I notice was located behind me, leading to somewhere I have not been familiar with. It was not opened either. I did not bother to look at the door in front of me, because it was absolutely dark and closed.
However, the sound could not be less distractive. It came clear to me that, that was something more out of the sound—something live. I thought it was a barking sound, then I became sure of it. So, I put myself back to sleep carelessly and ignored the dog which was trapped somewhere. I would really like to rescue him—but I needed to be rescued as well and detached myself from the goddamn cuff that circled my wrist.
As I was about to cover my eyes, something flashed before me—in the inside of the room behind the door. I realized that the door was not closed at all. There was just no sufficient light. But, the thing inside was brighter in color and it was jiggling into a rhythm—up and down. I began to express my curiosity. I prepared my eyes to stay wide and awake and watched what was moving in front of me. I began to listen to the ever-growing loud noise.
I gape my mouth in disgust horror.
He turned the woman beneath him to his right. Before my eyes, was a stack of human fleshes, yet they were moving—they were alive. The woman’s hair was waist-length and shiny blonde, draped and dangled to the end of the bed. His blue eyes were teary. Once or twice she would close her eyes. For a second, I thought she was hurting because the man was climbing all over her in ferocious pace that made me crunching my stomach. But instead on her rosy thin lips, it grew a smile. She began to close her eyes again and the smile grew wider again in savor, but her forehead crinkled in careful pain.
The only limbs of mine that were boundless and free were both of my legs. I climbed my leg one to another, as he moved his body away from hers. He took her by the knees and stretched her golden long legs apart from each other. Then, she began to move closer to him. I could see that they were not sparing any gap between them, just one flesh to another.
I had to remind myself to close my eyes tightly, although it was hard to betray my curiosity but I did to manage. I was muttering prayer when I heard the noise grew loud and louder—I released the prayer out of my mouth.
I fisted both of my hand as my prayer sounded not strong enough to distract me from the sound. The contour of the stone that circled my right ring finger teased me and begged my eyes to be opened.
How long it has been since that?
But, the noises kept battling amongst each other, and at the end, there was only the sound of my voice filled the air. I began to descend from the top of the lung and started to shiver.
When I opened my eyes, there he was standing nude by the door.
And the mahogany locked into my eyes one more time before the door was closed. I sensed warning and imminent danger.

I could feel someone tugged my by my wrist, again and again. The shakes that circled my wrist disturbed me from my sleep and forced me to wake. I rolled up my eyelids slowly and heavy. The blue was glimmering into my eyes.
“Hi,” she greeted me with her thick voice and a smile.
The woman, who was wearing nothing but oversized man shirt, kept tugging my wrist and the handcuff that strapped me in. I would like to say her, don’t, but all I was doing was shaking my head and she seemed not to notice it.
“My name is Dinara.” She said without me even asking and bothering. She slid the handcuff up and down from the chair’s leg.
“S—“ before I was about to stop her, she interjected me.
“—and you are?”
“I am sorry?”
“Your name,” she lifted her face and show me her gleeful quizzical look.
“Oh… My name’s Autumn.” I said rather flatly.
“Autumn,” she smiled upon saying my name, “that is a very beautiful name. It suits you. It suits your skin.”
“My skin?”
“You have a beautiful tan skin like falling leaves in the season.”
I replied with a perplexed smile, “well, thank you, Dinara.” I thought I was getting to understand what he meant by saying—someone like you—that was no strange. I was named differently from the way I looked. Maybe she thought that I was supposed to be named with a hard-to-pronounce syllable and that made me thinking, why did I just realize her sublime discrimination.
“He’s quite of a man, isn’t he?” she asked me again. Even a simple question sounded serious enough when it slipped from the heaviness of her voice that made words she pronounced awkward but fluent.
“I am sorry?” I started to think she liked to see me confused and excused myself because my imparity to understand.
“Him.” I began to understand that she was referring to the bastard with the mahogany eyes. I could see the flush on her face.
“No, no.” I shook my head in heavy disapproval. “It is not like that. You got me in the wrong foot, here.”
She was not giving me sign of understanding but a teasing wink. I would really want to correct her that I did not relate to him at all, not even sexually as she guessed.  Although, I had to admit that last night I would really want to get in bed with him.
She moved her face close to mine. I could feel the breeze of her plain breath filled my nostril. She said it between her teeth. “We can share.”
She ended her flirtatious statement with a chanting laugh as she was still busily unhooking the cuff from the chair’s leg by making strange gestures. Before I tried my attempt to halt her again, his scolding voice halted both of us in silence.
“Dinara!” he shouted as he approached both of us. He pushed her down to the floor and pointed at her. “Stay away!” he warned to her, as if I was a some kind of infected creature.
Dinara raised from her feet whilst laughing. “Okay, who is this pretty girl?” I was surprised to hear a note of jealousy on her voice.
“That is none of your business.” He said clearly.
Dinara started to walk in circle around him. Her hand was on his hips. “So, I am in charge of the only business that happens in your pants, huh?” her tone of voice started to change to be more irritating. She tugged down the ban of his boxer that was poking out of his jeans.
“Mind your behavior, Dinara!” he growled.
“Oh, what will you do about that?” seductively, she began to unbuckle his jeans and peeled down another layer underneath his jeans. “—tell me, how is your little man doing down there?”
As he was about to reach her, she was running to my side and pinched my cheek. I started to feel uncomfortable from her friendly touch. “—I told her that we can share.” She chuckled.
The man ran back to his room and came back with a pile of clothings and a woman purse. He dropped all of them down to the floor and he pointed his finger to the left. “Out, now.” He spoke softly with an intimidating tone.
Yet, she was just standing beside me and hiding behind her giggle like she did not take him seriously. She twisted my hair by her finger. I wish she could just leave because I recognized the dark mahogany that dilated before my eyes.
“Dinara, out.” I whispered loud enough to her.
I could feel the breeze of her breath over my ear as she chuckled closely to me as she gave me her baffled stare. She raised on her feet and he began to take her by her arm and drag her to the way out.
I did not sure for how long they were going to spend time outside, but I could feel that the cuffs were now loosen. I gave a little shake on my wrist to ease the restraint.
I moved fast enough to make the cuffs detached from both of my wrist and the sofa’s leg. But, not fast enough to expect another blow onto my cheekbones that made everything went blank after.


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