Because, we are such bad friends....

Or, at least, my friend, Aida is being one. Lol.  Okay, this is the last one, da, sorry...

I still remember the day when Lisa, Aida and I went to Tantri's house to give her a birthday surprise. Nothing much to say that night, except that we completely got her birthday wrong. It turned out that we were two days early. It was the eve of 16th November and we were coming down to her house with cakes, candles and all. 

I don't know how to tell the story right. But, I promise them that I am going to at least, put it into something in my blog.

 Aida's priceless expression after committing 'the crime'
(let me know if you need this picture removed, dear)

 The (soon-to-be) birthday girl

Anyhow, no matter on the 16th or the 18th, or even in November or January
We still wish the very best for you, Tantri



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