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Good Evening Earthlings,

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. This is the best day ever. And I thank God for that, heck, I thank everyone for that. I thank quiet colleagues at the office even to strangers in the bus. I might arrived home late but nevertheless, I am happy.

Another of my article is published in The Jakarta Globe. This time is about my concern on rape victims who are often treated as outcasts in Indonesia's society. There are more stories behind my writing there.

The draft that I sent to the editor was very rough and written under my suppressed mood. Why was I suppressed? If you read my article, you would notice that I read an article in  Facebook, hence I also involved in the conversation. The news was about 25 schoolgirls in Nunukan who are rejected to apply for higher education because they were said to be not virgins. Seeing how many commenters posted their concerns, I chimed in too and wrote, "Why are Indonesians so obsessed with the concept of virginity? This kind of news infuriates me?"

It really is. Although the commenters are giving out support to the victims, but I notice, they are still highlighting on the importance of having virginity, as if they are obsessed, so I wonder, "why?"

One random commenter perceived my comment differently, and he replied "for those who are not virgins, they must be infuriated over this issue," and his comment had 4 thumbs of likes. Of course, I felt humiliated.

Maybe you can read further here to view the reason for my "why"

Before published, I discussed over with the editor that I would like to take some parts out. Now, I am glad the way the article appears, although I might caused him headaches from what I wrote. I thanked him as well for doing a good job. I recently have received his reply. He advised me to write without emotional attachment. I agree with him and that is what I am trying to avoid.

Anyway, it is a very good start of November, although this post needed to be uploaded twice in order to get it published.

Do ask why it is so good ;)


  1. am asking the same question, why should woman have their virginity in order to show that she is "good girl", while man have nothing to prove that they're still a "good guy"?


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