Monologue #8

Good Evening Earthling,

It is kinda funny when I completely forget the number for the monologue. I guess I am just writing too much. Happy Eid-Adha for those who celebrate it. I hope you enjoyed good food for the festive. I enjoyed my time too because my parents were visiting.

October is about to end. I missed Halloween party, well that adds up to how disappointing October was. I thought, I knew it when it started, that October was going to be a shitty month. I have received disappointing news, work has been really tiring, I had so many things to settle, and I was holding so much emotion but I ended up irritating myself and few others.

I actually had a lot to share before this. I thought I am going to write long paragraphs, but I am just keeping it short, because... for what? 

I realized instead of being a shitty month, October has given me plenty rooms to think and evaluate, of what I did and what others did to me. October is a month of forgiveness, people in the same belief would say it occur on Ramadhan, but for me it is October 2012. I forgive myself and few others.

Nevertheless, I feel good. I hope I do remain sane, because the previous weeks, it felt so hard that I almost lost myself.


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