Monologue #7

Good evening, Earthling

I hope you have a better daylife compare to me because this week has been tiring. On Monday, I had an IELTS speaking test, and soon on Saturday I will finish the whole test. Beside, I was setting up my new internet and now, it is fully set, which I am glad. It is working really fast now. But, the process of installation itself took me a great amount of patience. Overall this week has been challenging.

I am commuting back and forth from Titiwangsa to Cyberjaya everyday. It takes about 4-hour of commute everyday. I know my workplace is so damn far that the song on my iPod keeps repeating and making me bored. Like what I wrote in Path, I am constantly upset with everything. The same old playlist on my iPod. The book that I read during the journey which I used to find so amazing. The bus and train schedule that leaves only a minute or two before I arrive at the platform. I am seriously upset with everything. I need to be taken care of. Living as an adult is not easy.

I need someone to remind me to send the required documents for my (possible) future university. Remembering me or even completing every last detail for me. Helping me to study for IELTS. This is weeping, I know, because I cannot take it anymore. Blinking blackberry LED is not helping at all. Plain notification that makes my heart pound faster, they better off shut.

I need everyone to cope with me, understand me... but I cannot expect that, can I?


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