A note to Our Juvenile Successors

Good Day Earthlings,

It is a vacant day at the office. I was supposed to follow my director for a presentation. But, I was left by my colleague. Not because he did not want to take me, but because he was not informed that I was supposed to go to the presentation. So, I still do not know how my fate is in the time of this writing, haha. 

Anyway, on the brightside, The Jakarta Globe published my article again on the Talk Back. I was thinking that they would not publish it, because they had not given me any confirmation yet. But just today, when I visited The Jakarta Globe's homepage, my article is featured. 

I am writing the article as a response to a juvenile message my younger cousin broadcasted via BBM, and that is not helping today's situation when on-going brutality on schoolwars keep appearing in every headline. You are free to read and comment the article here 

and, despite of all the mehness that I am about to show you, I am really happy to see my name  classified under a particular section in The Jakarta Globe, so particular that, you have to spend your time clicking until you see my name appeared on large silver fonts. Haha.

Meanwhile, I am forcing myself a break from fiction writing. Because my creative brain is so damaged. I have been forcing myself to write, write and write since the beginning of the year, yet, I have not had a proper story to write. There have always been an issue, whether it is about which point of view of character I should write as, which language should I write... can you believe that? I am confused over a very fundamental aspect. But I have a story body already, I might need to tweak it and be patience. Plus, I have to spring passion into the story, which is the hardest part, because I have been very drained. Hopefully, I can resume shortly.

Oh, you might want to read this in your head like a whisper. Because this is the third post I write using my office's computer. *smirk


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