This is going to be a quick post

...This is gonna be just quick because I am writing from my office computer. I have just started working and I don't want to risk myself. Okay, I take good risk for good purpose.

I came across The Jakarta Globe frontpage before I went out for lunch. Then I noticed, they have published my article. I have been an avid reader of the publication and my dream is to have an article published in their page. So, I am extremely surprised. It has my name written on it! OMG. I am trying to be calm in social media pages, but in my blog, I know I sound impulsive and excited. There's no harm in it. My name. My blog. The Jakarta Blog.

On more important note,
Of course please have a good look at it. It is about ongoing tension between Indonesian and Malaysian. I just cannot stand watching two countries rambling again.

Meanwhile, people are going back for lunch, here is the link : Indonesian Chauvinism at Critical Level


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