Monologue #5

Good Day, Earthlings

I am writing this post in my friend's bedroom. We were having a sleepover night after having a girls-day-out earlier. They are practically still asleep by the time of the writing. I really want to go home but I cannot find a key. It is almost 11 in the morning and I just cannot stand not doing anything. But I am not really in a rush since I do not really have plans for today. Basically, I did not bring my laptop together so I won't be writing at all. Maybe I will go back to my auntie's later at the afternoon. But let's see how it goes. I am kinda missing my room here in cyber. And this time I did not bring my laptop so I won't be having a staring contest with a blank page of Word. I do not have to feel any guilt. *yes Plus, I bought new JK Rowling's Casual Vacancy!!  It costs me every last ringgit of my saving. But I am thrilled. I really need something to read instead of something to listen on LRT. However it is a big-ass book, and a pretty serious one to bring along inside a train. I wish I could post the picture here, but I have not taken it. Maybe later. I would post it along the picture or my new working outfit from Forever 21. It so beautiful. Body fit and navy blue. All of my working outfits are dull. So, I really need a decent one. Trust me I am not a shop-a-holic, I shop for occassion. By the way it costs me half notes that were on my wallet. I am broke, officially. 

Last night, I was planning to go straight to my Aunties. But since I did not have any companies to go along to take public transport. I decided to go back to cyber instead with all of my friends. I have might mentioned about an editing and story writing works that I enter from a publishing in Indonesia. Last night, I was writing my stories last minutely. It was so crazy. Never been in my three years of college study, I finished something that was unprepared, now I finally get the feeling late.

What can they expect? They need me to write about 2 short-stories that consist of 3000-3250 words with different themes. One is grief and one is romance, and there are some forbidden words that are not allowed to be mentioned in the story. I am seriously in my writer's block, man. But seriously this is crazy. They announced the task in Tuesday and they want to get it done by Sunday before 12.00 P.M. I have a life okay. Earlier, I did not feel like writing the stories at all. But last night, I tried. But I only came up with one and a half story. I submitted it to them anyway. It was the hardest writing task ever, I was squeezed out. If I were an athlete, then I would probably have grown muscles in my body, Much much of muscles. I pushed my self from 11.00 PM and stopped at 6.30 A.M at the next day. I only had few hours of sleep and now I do not feel any tired at all.

Actually, I have one and half hour left of deadline. I could still work something out for the half story. But dude, I really do not feel like it. But well let's see if the odd is in my favor....


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