Monologue #4

Hi Earthlings,

It is September 22, a cloudy Saturday Evening in Cyberjaya. The time is 5.55 PM and counting. I have just commuted a long way from Wangsa Maju to Cyberjaya. I travelled out from Sri Rampai LRT around 4 PM and arrived at cyber just few minutes ago. It is one hell of journey. It takes 2 trains and 1 bus to complete. But it has been a lovely weekend, because I get to spend my happy single movie marathon in TGV Wangsa Walk. Might as well I call it, nice two-consecutive daydates with Judge Dredd and Wilee. I am so happy. Until, I fought my way in and out the public transport. It is kinda taking the vibe away and that quick. I was pretty bummed, but that's okay.

By the way, I thought I spend too much writing on depressing matters. It is true that I write more when I am down, and less when I am happy. I tend to dismiss every accomplishment. I know I am not being grateful enough and it is not good. It can be pretty selfish to stay quiet about your happiness, anyway.  So here I am in this Saturday evening, telling you what I have been through in these past few days. I have been through many things actually.

After a long, long, long, long, times infinity journey to find a working placement, I finally secured 3 interviews. From those 3 interviews, gratefully, 2 of the agencies offered me a temporary/part-time jobs. I took what I can get even though I am applying for a permanent job. But since, I am a foreigner, the visa policy can be a pain in the arse, it is, and it takes a while to process although the company would agree to support you.

Before, any of you read this posting, bear in mind that this is a personal posting. So, this posting is intended to show my point of view at this situation as a foreign fresh graduate who tries to earn a living in another country. And, I mean no harm to any of institution that I might refer to.

The first office, was a communication agency, located in Bangsar. I secured my first interview with this agency, and I thought a hundred percent that I blew it. But couple of days later, I received a call, and they needed me to come down to the office, right at that time. It was 11.30 PM, I was still at Cyber, in my shirt and panties, what do you expect me to do? The commute from Cyber to Bangsar is also one hell of a commute. I takes 2 buses and one taxi ride that cost more than the journey of the 2 buses. So, I negotiated, then we agreed that I can come on the next day, which was Friday, the end of a weekdays.

So the next day, I did not take the earliest bus. I went out at 8 from home and arrived there two hours later. Public transport, you know it when you take them. I expected them to hand out paperworks, because the previous day they said they needed me to fill in as an assistant producer. So I was told to wait. I waited. Then, they showed me my work station. Yes, I am employed like that.

There were not much of work. I was helping out to fill in some goodie bags and counting media releases. Clerical works. But I absolutely did not have any idea what to do after that. I thought I would leave the office at noon, and I could spent my lunch with Lisa and Aida, my friends in Cyber. But it turned out that I had to take lunch at the canteen downstairs, alone, and it was 2 PM. The food was finished.

Actually, I did not mind to go through the hassle of working. I can say, I am ready. But, I am questioning my status at the agency. One time the managing director came to me, but she did not speak of anything. She told me that if I wanted to learn, I could help out as many as I could. She was so busy but I really wanted to discuss my status immediately. So at the end of the day, we talked.

After the talk, I honestly have not felt any secure about my position. We have not discussed about my salary, but they have considered that day as my first day. Amazing. I am aware that they cannot afford to hire me as a permanent staff, and I don't really mind about that. There were two directors whom I talked to. When I asked them whether they could help me to gain a working permit to work with them or not, director number 2 said that they could. But as far as I remember, the other director was not being so welcoming when I told her that I come from Indonesia. She said there will be many paperworks to process my working visa and I could not guarantee my stay in the agency.

Anyway, I decided to endure all that. But then I quitted after 2 days of working.

So, I went to the last interview in Titiwangsa. I know what to expect and I do not expect much. As long as they wanted to hire me as a temporary/part-time stuff, it is good enough for me. The director herself is very welcoming. I liked the interview. Normally, most of interviewers would skip my high school background, you know those years when you have to complete 12 years of studying very hard and half-heartedly, but the director asked me what subject I excel at and what subject I love the most. It was a very interesting talk and I am glad that I could present myself the best compared to the last interview. The agency is interesting as well. I learn that they produce many print ads with nice designs, and contribute to many overseas exhibition. What I like the most that the agency has their own publishing house. Unlike the previous agencies, this agency offer my a temporary placement of 3 months. I am so grateful until now and forever. I am also extremely glad to be given the opportunity to work my best within those 3 months, if the agency agrees and like my performance, they would process my working visa and hire me.

I told my mother. In the next few hours, she was so excited. She changed her BBM status that says "Congratulation, my dear" with me holding flower bouquet in my graduation robe as her display picture. I do not mean to be rude, but I am like "Mom, are you high?". It is only a temporary job, I told her. But then she said, "That means a probation." Then I went like, ooh. But the director does not say anything about probation though. But I am taking things slowly and just be grateful with that. Hopefully everything runs well.

Oh, and after I went to the last interview at Titiwangsa. I visited my auntie's canteen stall at Sekolah Kebangsaan Republik Indonesia near PWTC. It feels like home, and I had free lunch meal. But trust me, that was not what I was after! And I went to British Council to get my IELTS form. IELTS again, can you believe that? It was one hell of a day.

The next day, I started to work at the new office. The first day I did not have much to do. But It was a productive day. I joined meeting. The last internship, I rarely attended meeting, except introductory meetings for interns and new-comers. No important meeting about brainstorming and discussing ideas. And I had friends for lunch at my first day, I am beyond happy. At previous offices where I worked and have intern with, I got to spend my lunch alone like a dork.

The next day was a very good day of work. It was more productive and I liked it. I showed the work that I have done to the director as well. I make new friends. They are very nice colleagues and are very welcoming of me. I am glad that I work in a small office so I get to socialize easy with the people and get close to them.

Now I realize, I have no reason to stay sad and unmotivated. You too. Things are coming your way when you treat yourself and other people right. If I do not talk with my parents, chat with my bestfriends, aunties and close relatives and smile to my colleagues. I would not make this happened. And, God.  Or maybe the strongest forces you believe in.

Meanwhile, have an awesome Saturday Night people....
I had one last week ;)


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