Monologue #3

Good evening Earthlings.

Finally, I have stopped being such a cheapskate and buy myself a SIM card for my note. I am a nomad now. I'll be leaving to a place which has no active wifi. I am staying over in my auntie's because it'll be easier for me to travel to my workplace. Yes, thank god I have a place called office and now I am hired as an intern. Hopefully it runs well. I was caught in surprise on the 1st day of work. Basically, because I thought I was going to be interviewed for the second time. But it turns out that I was getting employed.

It might have been temporary. But I was hoping that I can pursue a career further.

So many things have been going on since and before the graduation. The job hunting makes the most of it! It has been a fight and I am not taking the easy way like I used to. I was the girl who is easily satisfied but never be thankful for most of the things I receive. I was the girl who set illusion as goals. I was the girl with no ambition. I am sure deep inside I still am but I am trying to eliminate those. And there are plenty people of my age that I know who are still living in their comfort zone. They make me clench my teeth and want to cheer for them. Step out or you'll never leave!

There's time for further education. There's time for stable and comfortable living. But is there any time to realize what do you want to be?

That is why I create this blog. Although I am not sure if I have gained avid followers and I think the reader's number does not really convey the readership. I will write if I am still capable of writing.

I have many things to prepare for myself. I have letters from the university to collect, on-going story to be finished, weekly writing task and I have to book an IELTS test.... Plus I am sending more and more application for different purposes. Those are not easy to do without any convenience internet connection and upcoming task for work. Writing these down are already realizing myself how crazy it is.

Now I get it when people say it heartfully and I am gonna say it as well... Just suck it up!

By the way, It is Wade's birthday he is turning 30! If I was in my house I would really make an appreciation post for him. I wish to see you more often, Wade! Kisses from me all the way to the West Coast.

Aku padamu, Wade!

... I think I need a shrink, don't I?

By the way we haD a fun night out with the girls... What happened there, stays there. This is one of the moment when I embrace being 20s so much. Sometime you are self-loathing on front of laptop whilst eating junk food. Sometimes you get the best time.

Nevertheless, I am happy.


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