Monologue #2

Dear Earthlings,

How are you? I am doing fine thanks. It has been a week since I haven't update my status to you. But here I am. Stranded in my apartment room whilst constantly searching for opportunities. And I have learned a lot, especially, about missed opportunity in the past and few of confidence killers from the peers here.

If you are in the same current situation like I am, Let me tell you something : just sucked it up! We are actually doing better than we appear, and people do not need to know everything. (Now, since I am telling a bit in blog, so yeaa... don't judge)

Just be grateful. No matter what you do be grateful. If you don't have God or religions to belief in, just thank everything that surrounds you... and make it happen! Communicate with friends and families when you are in trouble.

You are actually doing much better than other people do and think.
Make it happen!

I am on my way :)


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