Would have, Could have

I could have kissed you during these drizzly minutes. Raindrops start pouring heavy and the radio announcer starts talking about nonsense now. Sorry, if I am not trying hard enough to be your good listener. You are talking too much and I am just sitting close enough to make you shut.
I swear, I could have you kissed you.
It could have been over your lips… or not.
Maybe, It could have been on your unshaved cheeks.
Or by the forehead
Then again,
Maybe, It could have been a mild peck on your lips.
It could have been a kiss of nothing passionate. Because, I value your good virtue.
So, it would have been a kiss, on anywhere, made of a simple affection. You affect me. As friend or more.

I wish we would have seen each other everyday just like yesterdays. So, we would not have to chat in distance over the phone.

And would have it been wonderful, if we would have given the chance to be together, at least, once in our lifetime? We would not have been the cutest couple in school but smart outcasts like us would survive that.

It could have been just me, but why would you choose the longest way to arrive?
It could have been your kindness that values me as nothing but a close friend.
I know, gradually, it would have hurt me.
But let me savor the butterflies, would you?

It would have been the shortest goodbye for the six-hour encounter within years.
I could have said that I thank you distinctly
Or praised your taste of music before I left.

It would have been my first.
Our first.

I would have written too much right now,
I would wish I could stop.
I would not want wish to hurt anyone.


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