Monologue #1

Hi hi Earthlings,

It has been fourteen days since my last post. August is coming to an end, yet so many things have been going on, the fasting days, the last-minute iftar gatherings, the lebaran (of course) and the house-visits.  I don't really feel like writing much because I just really do not feel like it. I have just gone back from dentist and I was like costed so much for retainer or what, which I now I will not make use of it. Ever. So I am kind of bummed and now my mom is like telling me back and forth about having the payment done. She is very talkative, just like other moms. *inhale* anyways, I need to stop ranting like a grounded teen girl.

Also, I have just paid a visit to my high school with some friends. But, I hate that the good time is spoiled because of this f--kin teeth retainer and another dental problem. Oh! I wish we weren't born with teeth. They bring so many problems!

Anyway, for all the readers (if there's any) I am thinking to label my rant writing into "monologue" so it will be a little more organized. I wish I could write some fictions but I just cannot afford, because I am writing for my own idea and I am taking it seriously.

And this first monologue post is dedicated for my Bahasa Indonesia teacher, Ibu Evy, whom I gave my blog adress to. I hope you don't mind if I am writing in English, haha, but creatively I will write in Indonesian. And thanks for having the faith to wait for the 1st copy of my novel (or whatever it is) that will due next year. In the meantime, I do hope you find my blog enjoyable although it is quite scattered... or very scattered. There's a reason why this blog is named "closeted" because this is like my mind's working factory and I am nowhere from consistency haha.

Ah, and in few days, I'll be back to KL and summon all my strength, physically, mentally and emotionally to be ready! See you in cyber Earthlings, with faster internet connection and hopefully consistent blog updates!


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