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A very wakeful-almost-midnight, Earthlings

I decide to write more after a quite long pause since late of July. I really miss writing though, even though I am not sure of how many people are actually reading my blog haha, but that does not stop me from writing. I will keep this blog active for sure, at least, for me. Anyhow, I haven't write much because I do not have enough material to write. I have been staying at home for days. Let's face it. Palembang's narrow road in fasting month is like as living hell as Jakarta's traffic is. People--mostly scumbag motorbike riders--are battling their way to find food to eat for iftar, or buka puasa. These are the things that I do not get. Yes, I get it. We--muslims--are fasting, but what's with that all the fuzz? I mean Ramadhan is cause for celebration, but can you, brothers sisters, be calm down? Eventually, we can eat all we want at the end of the day. And yes, most of major restaurants will be fully-booked until maghrib. I hope Jembatan Ampera is strong enough to support congested traffic from mini, tiny personal car to heavy-load truck.

This one-month break is exactly what I need after what I have been through : university and on-going personal conflict within myself. Maybe this is what I need. Being alone, without any thought. I can use some slack hehe. Because you do not have any idea of how I was doing before. 

But, at least there are few things that I learn during this break.

  • Outing sucks. I had been managing group outing with my ex-schoolmates but most of the time, it turned out as a failure. I do not know, maybe they don't miss me as equal as I do towards them. Sad. So this is a post of protest! They know as I mention earlier, road's packed and I live far. At least be considerate if you do not want to pick me up and drive me home. No friends make their friend stood up like that! Next time, it's really up to them. Go hitch many ex-schoolmate as you can and then you invite me. I will not arrange these kinda things no more. So long.
  • Self-confidence is a must. I have been engaged *waitforit* in conversation with two of my closest friends. They are both brilliant, but they are complaining about the same thing.One complained about how hard is getting work nowadays without any link and the other complained about being insecured towards getting a success. You know it's a winding road when you are in your twenties, and what they are complaining, I do feel that and I totally get them. But it's very unfortunate, knowing that these two of most delighful and smart people I have ever met, lost their confidence. I, too, am constantly experiencing that. But that also reminds me. Remember how you complain when things gets turns unfair, when someone outsmarts you unexpectedly and you feel like they do not deserve to because you put more efforts and they do not. You don't fall. You prove them wrong. This happens when people use their mojo of, "Fake it, Til You Make It". I do not agree with it as a whole concept. I am hard to impress you know, and many people are being confident because they think like that. But I can tell myself, who fake and who are naturally talented.  Silly people on TV that you see... Kardashians, Olga Syahputra, they happen in society because we let them fake it, and yes, they make it.  By all means, I do not have any personal hatred towards them, it is nice to see them success but, there are people, smart people, that deserve it more. That is why I am encouraging bright people to stop being idle. Or else, what you are scared for, is gonna happen sooner. t. And that I have to tell myself as well.
  • I make cookies. I am hitting my sweet-spot love for baking cookies. I used to make uncrunchy and tasteless cookies but now I am improving... Oh yes, I have references. In a meantime, I am going to post some more recipes. Bear with that people.
  • I am learning at how bitter I sound in this post. ... or in any other writing posts, especially Twitter. I tend to be expressive in writing I guess. I am a Hufflepuff, I have been sorted, so I do hope you all like me more in person... haha.
  • My friends and I are starting a cool social media project. It is called aintnothinfancy. Aint nothin fancy but each other, so in this project we will explore and post about anything new  in fashion, film and literature. It's just ordinary thing that we all happen to love. As I quote Andy Warhol once more, "I happen to love ordinary things" follow us on twitter @aintnothingfancy and tumblr aintnothinfancy.tumblr.com or you can email us to aintnothinfancy@gmail.com I will post more of our project in my blog too, for the buzz... and feel free to buzz us :)
Good night Earthlings!


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