A view from Mars: What is beauty?

Author's note: This post is on delay for weeks. So I am posting it now and adding some more my opinion more or less.

So i came across this article from a magazine which my cousin brought earlier. It was a boy magazine. And inside, there is one reader's mail that caught my attention. So this reader, a male, complained about most of today's girls who likes to put on heavy makeups and generalized them as 'tante tante' or aunties lookalike. He mentioned that he is afraid that his girlfriend is turning into one follower of this trend.

On behalf of the magazine, editorial admits that they agree with this reader's opinion, that today's girl are all wearing makeups, high heels and all. They describe these girls as "cewek dangdut"
So here is my opinion....

... As myself, a 20 year-old that barely cares about having makeup on my face as well as missing scheduled facecream applications.

If you are worrying about degredation of female companion qualities, don't be. All you have to do is stop generalizing, Because by thinking about that you are getting that 'ilfil' quickly hence you keep being impersonated by the idea that all women are all 'cewek dangdut'. Believe me that there are plenty of girls whom you could put your faith on. There are girls who just as careless as you expect when it comes to outer beauty.

....and you just cannot tell those cewek dangdut to put off their makeups away. It has become a part of their identity so there is no way you tell them to lay off. How about if your girl bans you from watching football or playing online games? There is no harm having makeups on. This is a problem for boys. I do not know, I might sound naive, sexist and shallow. But, I find it confusing that boys, admit that they do not like seeing girls with heavy makeup on, but just look at some celebs or people whom you have crush on. This is not the best example I could think of but, this situation reminds me when Saiful Jamil divorced Depe. He said that she is overly sexy, but what urged him to marry her at the first place? Her sex appeal, of course! I do not know if I sound generalizing or anything, but, well back at you, boys. Doesn't it feel annoying to be generalized all the time?

Besides, those dangdut girls that you are talking about, are very helpful and they will be there if we--the girls--need last minute makeups for graduation, photo shoot, dance performance, invitation or any other occasion which allow us to put heavy make up on. So I am seconding their interest!

So, that all from me.
As a Venusian :) 


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