Partikel "Dee" Booksigning

This is going to be a long post, so bare with me.

The booksigning

If you notice the picture above, I am having a short twitter conversation with Dewi Lestari. I tweeted her that I would like to meet her at the end of this tiring semester and she replied! She says, "hopefully". Couple days later, I heard that she would be having a booksigning event in my hometown. I was in the cloud nine! I was so happy. 
It was the 1st of July and a bright monday morning. I came an hour earlier from the booksigning event. The mall was still closed so I waited alone for few minutes outside. I was supposed to come along with my friend, but one thing led to another, we decided to meet at the said venue. So, the mall was officially opened for the day, right. It was so empty. The stores were still closed and hidden behind the garage-like doors, including the venue itself. It was a bookstore chain. So I waited and waited. I circled around the mall, and when it was five minutes away from the event I went down. There were few people waiting too. They seriously looked like geeks for Dee's books with their bagful of books while I was just bringing a single copy of Dee's latest book which she had been promoting, Partikel. I felt like a loser already. My excuse for that was because I left the remaining collection of her books in my dorm in KL, and two of my books had been irresponsibly borrowed yet it had not been returned. I highly doubt that the books are still existing! I am so mad! Anyhow, one of them was wearing Partikel T-shirt, and I was like... seriously, do you think it is necessary to dress up? It is not Harry Potter or Narnia booksigning, d'oh! *rolling eyes* But later on, I found out that she was one of the event committees haha and she brought along what looked like a tanned, tiny, and loud little rascal, who turned up to be Dee's son, Keenan.
During the waiting, I constantly checked up to my twitter and Dee's timeline. It was 15 minutes before the event and yet she was just landed. I repeat. Just landed... and I had been there for like... hello... I might sound disappointed in these early parts of my writing, but this is only the build-up to more awesome things to come. So don't get me wrong!
The event started at 10.30 or so and I had been queueing. I was in the front line. The committee announced the rules, so those who would like to have their Partikel signed, had to be lining up here and those who would like their other collection to be signed must be waiting up there... I am so jealous, I hoped I could bring all of my Dee's collection.
The moment I met my favorite author, it felt like... I think my heart just leapt out of my ribcages and I am not lying. Dee looked very flawless. Fair skin, with natural makeup or did she wear any make-up? She looked just so... serene and motherly. That is why most of her fans called her "Ibu Suri" which means, "Fair Godmother" haha.
I couldn't stop but babble when I was talking to her. I was saying that I am the one who always abuse her twitter timeline with my mentions, then she asked me what is my twitter username. It was really... Why did I not ask about something good to her? Such as, how come at the tender age of 25 she managed to write a heavy literature, which is Supernova? Why did I not think of that? All I was saying to her that I am nervous to meet her that my cheeks are twitching. Nevertheless, I asked her to sign my Partikel book. I insisted her to write "to : Ayu Daly, by Dee" and she asked, "okay, Ayu what?"
I said, "Ayu Daly, just like your character Paul. I am a bit obsessed."
Okay, and then she signed my copy. I was soooo happy. I moved away from the booth and starting to admire my book and Dee who seemed to be happy behind the booth, signing copies of her book.
Then I ecstatically opened my copy to see what she had been signing for me, then came the most unexpected sentence that I never thought Dewi Lestari, as an Indonesian writer who is fluent in English writing and speaking, would be writing to me.
Ayu Deli
Deli, what? Delifrance? 
Seriously, I needed to catch some breathe. This was too... too... much... Previous second I felt like jumping in heaven, the next second I felt embarrassed and like really really want to laugh out loud. This is not happening!
So, I was sneaking up on the queue again to meet her and I was saying to her that this needs to be corrected, of course nicely and she started to make silly expression. haha. Dee is also a human my friend, maybe that's what the Big Guy wanted to show me. Stop worshiping her books like she is one of the prophets... but I love her writings, how? lol
So here is the look of her signature over my partikel book.

You can see she corrected some words on it... haha Deli.
I spent some times chatting with her son, Keenan, if that would make me more annoying and attention-seeking. lol. But YOLO. He was so adorable and extremely loud. He looked nothing like her but more of his father. I spent some time sneaking again to the queue with my friend who was really awaited by me. I didn't know what I was doing, I was just standing there when she signed my friends' collection. I was so star-strucked. I looked like a fool. Even my friend had more of quality conversation with Dee... that was why I needed to calm before talking!
Then my mother came with father and my aunt. I didn't know how I was supposed to act when she was like telling me many time to take pictures with Dee. I said, "I did mom." then she said, "It was not good, you were not taking it from the front... bla bla bla."
Okay so I complied, and I was kind of embarrassed, thankfully embarrassed because she was loud and she told me where to stand and stuff... I was like, "Okay Mom, I get it"... I felt like a teenager  all of a sudden. But if it had not been for her, I would have not have 4 frames of perfectly shot pictures with my favorite author.

Have I told you that before this was taken, I tackled a huge banner by accident and nearly creating a chaos? Look at how my smile is. I simply do not like the way I look in this picture, so tanned compare to her and why is it my forehead always frowning in picture even though I was smiling. It happened every time... See, camera hates me, no putting lingeries and dancing to Al-Green for me. haha
I was deciding to stay back until the event was fully ended and Dee had been gone from the venue, but I was leaving earlier than I expected. That is okay, I had nothing much to do anyway.
One thing I regret, and I could not believe I wrote it because it would be gonna add up my misery
Why did not I buy another Akar & Petir and let them signed by her?? WHYYY?? STOOOPID.
Both of the books were borrowed and still unreturned by my friends, therefore, I vow not to borrow anyone my favorite books, and people, be more responsible adults!

Why do I love Partikel so effing much?

I was supposed to write a synopsis or casual review of Partikel earlier. I mean, I have blogged for 50 shades *cough* why can't I blog about Partikel, which is just so awesome! 
The book told a story about Zarah Amala who happened to be in search of her long-lost father. This book talks about adventure and spirituality just like the rest of Supernova Saga. The book is both entertaining and intimidating at the same time. I was reading it just in time for my 20th birthday. I mean, I am turning 20 this year but what have I accomplished so far? And this character Zarah, in the tender age of 20, she does everything by her passion which is photography and it takes her to many place she could never imagined After I finished the whole 500 pages over, I found it very heartbreaking that I am far from what I have wanted to become, so many things have gone in a wrong way. It was truly a rollercoaster ride. My friend keeps reminding me, "Ayu, that's only a fiction. That's only a book."
Yeah, I know, maybe it is just me who make it sounds like a big deal and all. But, I do not know, the book's energy is different. It literally draws me to read more and more and it is very distracting that I have to lend it to my other friend. I am glad that I decided to collect it back from her so I could bring it to the unexpected booksigning. Plus, Dee added some sentences in the 'special thanks' column which I found inspiring. She wrote (something like), now this book is in your hand, and your encounter with this book is destined for something great, not an accident.
It's like Santa Claus and fairy tale all over again!

Paul Daly

He is my favorite character in the book and is Zarah's best ally and turns up to be *spoiler* her secret admirer at the end of the book. I notice Dee always make a secret admiring to her romance, I remember she wrote the same way for Elektra and Mpret in the preceding book, Petir. Paul Daly is 30 years old which makes him 10 years older than Zarah and I love to meet someone unique in his age. Secretly, I long to have a companion 10 years older than me haha. He is british, oh boy, I am just reading it and I cannot help but imagining how he talks with the accent. He is tall, hairy in his body and bald. The hairiness makes me say "ewww" but he is so sweet! He works behind camera as photographer. I love men who works with camera.
That is why I fictionally in love with him, and want Dee to write my name after his surname and separate another section just for him.
I want to be your Missy, Paul, although Zarah has won your heart... I will too!
Yup, hell with Christian Grey. Paul Daly is the best man on fictional realm. No whips and chains just his camera and unyu-ness of him.


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