Itchy for six days

Finally, I am writing again. My fingers have been itching lately because I have been away from keyboard for these past few days. I do not know how I can be drawn so much into blogging! I know I could update from my note but it does not feel right. I am not a tech-savvy person. Anyhow, that is the least thing I want to share but there are more to share about! It has been an exciting week with family and friends. The moment this post is typed, my family are all up and about over the sky (huh?) to their hometowns and I hope them a very safe flight, and here I am, all alone in my dorm room again. Well, the bright side is, I can start writing again. 
So, I am starting to highlight everything in details whilst waiting for my laundry to be done. Okay. Then I will probably go to my book lady in streetmall. 
Btw, I am posting pictures in my blog, please do not abuse it! 

Day 1 : The arrival

with my grandmother and cousins

First of all, I am glad that I transfer all of the camera memory to my laptop so I can straightly upload any pictures without further delay. On, Thursday, 12th July 2012, my family from Medan and Palembang are coming to town for my graduation. Nothing much to say, we ate at a Muslim Chinese Seafood restaurant and we went straight to my condo. No highlights, except, I have to hunt SIM cards for my family, and that was not an easy work haha.

Day 2 : The rehearsal

with anya, hannah and liana

For rehearsal day, I went all by myself to the venue by bus and train and left my family in my dorm room. It is nice to have another chance to meet my friends again! Especially, when your friend starts talking about Christian Grey--yes, that's you Anya--haha. But seriously, this day and the day forward were the most exhausting day ever.  I swear, if the next day would be my wedding day, I would refuse to be married. That was just too much. My feet were hurting because the rehearsal itself was squeezing my energy, and then I had to walk around Suria KLCC to locate my family, and you know how big the mall is. Once I got back to the hotel, which was after few stops at VINCCI, Sephora and many shopping outlets, I had only few hours to shower and go to salon to get my hair done but then came wardrobe malfunction! My only formal attire that is sewn to perfection to cater this event... anyhow, I had to go to the alteration shop and I brought my cousins along. I could not locate the alteration shop, because the mall is too big and I was getting really cranky. I was like... "I am graduating tomorrow, and I am not supposed to be this tired!" then I unleashed my cranky diva side and I admired my cousins to bear for me haha. Did I mention that during the hassle, I still had the order to buy food and drinks and I lost contact with my cousins? That was pretty intense and I ended up walking back to hotel all alone, hungry and cranky.
But at the end of the day, I managed to get my hair done and my wardrobe fitted. Then I remembered the day was Friday the 13th, oh no wonder, because I was not the one who had a bad day. In a salon I randomly went into, the hairdresser was getting scold by a costumer, because he mistakenly shaved a boy's mohawk... I feel pretty sorry for him, though. The costumer was British  and she was the boy's mother. I did not dare to look at them but I feel sorry...

Day 3 : The Graduation

graduating girls of 2012

This is the day that we have all been waiting for. I woke up at 5 in the morning and proceed to shower and went downstair to have my makeup on from my auntie and at 7.30 we went to the hall together with other friends, and those shoes were killing and slowing me down and I had to remove them and walk with my barefeet to reach the hall, because there are no other way to register on time! After registerin my name, my friends and I were told to line up behind the door glass. We noticed our faculty sign and we lined up behind it. We met some friends and we chatted along the way, and one by one, the course name was announced and the student must be lining up according to their courses. Unfortunately, was it us or the announcer, my 6 classmates and I did not hear any announcement. We realized that our course was called after we saw our other classmates were lining up, and they told us, "you all have to get your numbers (for seating inside the hall) with the lecturers." So we went to one of our lecturers, instead of giving us numbers, they scolded us saying that we were late and hereby confirmed us as the "late comers"... yet, we never expected that from happening. That moment I promised to my fellow late comers, "this is so going on in my blog!"

B.A (hons) of Late Comers

I do not know whether it was my affected mood from previous, but I went panicking. I was trying to explain to every lecturer to give us the permission to seat inside the hall but they told us to make a line and wait a bit longer. That was another bad day, but someone, I believe had worse time to. It was one of my closest friends who forgot to bring her robe. I met her father outside our line and was talking to one of our lecturers and asking to pass the robe to his daugther, who probably has  been seated inside the hall.  The lecturer promised that she would give the robe to my friend, but instead she passed the robe to me! That was irresponsible really. I mean, I really did not mind to help and pass the robe to her, but I was not allowed to go inside the hall myself. So, I was reaching her but then her sister who was sitting on the parents area picked up the call. That means she did not bring her phone along. I was frantic. Suddenly, when I was trying once more to talk with other lecturer to let me pass through the hall, my friend came with tears on her eyes. That was indeed very emotional, and such an experience... then we had another plus one to B.A (hons) of Late Comers! yeay! The more, the merrier. Finally, we managed to sit inside the hall and joined the ceremony normally, and the good thing was although we were the technically late ones but we got the first scrolls!

the ceremony

I was told that I was being awkward on stage so there it was, me being a degree holder, yeay! The ceremony itself was upsetting because the ceremony took so long. It was from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon, and we were so hungry. But in the other side, it was really fun because we got to cheer for our friends on stage, whose named was called, and those who performed and received awards... ah, the awards, deep down I was trying to fight my disappointment for not receiving any distinctive awards, but never mind, life goes on and those who received it are those who deserve it! Well done graduates!
I was hoping teary session with my classmates though but they were not any, even I could not take any picture with complete bach of my classmates because after the ceremony I believe none would afford to hang any more. It was too exhausting and we were all going separate ways to our parents, and that was the moment I felt a bit cranky too and the family photo booth line was not helping at all. I decided to go back to the hotel first and took the family portrait later. But, my crankiness was well-paid off, though. I met more of my classmates after the ceremony and more and more family were coming.

Okay, I do not know how to rotate this picture to be honest, I am a bad blogger. But that is Lisa, Farah and Emily with me. I realized I did not cry during the ceremony but by writing this, I feel kind of emotional right now.

After the ceremony, my family and I went all the way to Shah Alam and had a nice seafood dinner around the lake. It was 10 in the evening when we reached back to the hotel but I still insisted to watch The Amazing Spiderman 3D! Haha... after this I went hibernating for sure. I went with my cousins and brother and walked all the way to Pavilion. It was indeed a nice chilling time, I had shisha, although I was supposed to celebrate my graduation all out by going from club to club, but nahh... haha I don't have much swag for clubs lol. I only have enough swag for Shisha, even so, I still feel awkward holding the shisha pipe, you can see idiotic expression of mine in pictures below.

and those are taken by instagram, I am like... stop trying to be hipster cool, Ayu. Haha. But I need swag too, so--okay, what the hell am I writing about--as per use, Andrew Garfield never failed to amaze us, girls and by the film ended, he got more and more self-proclaimed "I am Peter Parker's girlfriend" something like that. The 3D was amazing. I have watched the 2D but I was getting curious because many said the movie was better in 3D. Not disappointing, though and we walked all the way back at 3 in the morning.

The next day I surprised myself by waking up at 8 in the morning!

Day 4 and 5 : The wandering

I do not what's with Indonesians, but we love to keep a graduation tradition which is to take pictures in the university and other place nearer that is considered a landmark. So the next day, I came to my campus with robes on, apparently I was not alone, my friend, either  forced or by her own will, also came all the way from her hotel in KL to the campus just to take pictures. Since, I hate to argue with my parents, I was just being okay with that and I am glad I can snap a picture with my classmate, since it has been so hard to find them after the ceremony.

Still, I cannot rotate the picture! Above are pictures of me with my classmate, Yanka who also took pictures the same day and that was me with my family then we proceeded to Putrajaya to take another pictures. Then we had lunch all the way to KL around Masjid India before my mother took my grandmother to shop some more and the kids, a.k.a my cousins and I were going to Petaling Street to buy some souvenirs. The next day we went for shopping around Bukit Bintang.

Day 6 : Today

Short story, my family are travelling back to their hometowns in Medan and Palembang, and by the time the post is published they have been landed safely.

Also, a short story there had been many things going on around these past days. A strong decision was made and there were several things I had to let go, including my red luggage which had been my travelling partner since forever. My cousin borrowed it to be taken to Medan to replace his broken luggage. So long my luggage, I will meet you in another occasion!


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