Have a little faith in Petaling Street

Good Morning Earthlings,
I hope you are doing good. I have been into many sudden short adventures lately. Today, the whole family is coming to visit me for my graduation. Yesterday friends and I were shopping for make-ups for graduation around Pavi and Bukit Bintang and that was by far, the day that I went a bit cranky for this month. I rarely get bad mood lately until yesterday. Seriously, make-up shopping is fun, unless you didn't have your mom on the line, telling you what eyeshadows to buy and you didn't cash out.
I am just writing for another good adventure that I have been. The previous day, Dea and I went to Petaling Street or the famous Chinatown area in Kuala Lumpur. We were looking for some presents for others but later, we ended up shopping... alot and again. Let's hold that for a while.
For all I know, Petaling Street is close to Pasar Seni, where I took bus from my internship place to home. The area is always been crowded and I have never been interested to explore it. But during three years of my study and stay here in Malaysia, why do I just find out the awesomeness of this place? Why? Why is it when I am about to graduate and leave the country? Where the hell have I been?

Petaling Street is a tourist area that sells many things. It is a flea market--I love clean, flea market--that opens from day to night. There are also shops nearby that sell many beauty accessories, merchandises, clothings, bags and everything you need. I tell you, Indonesian girls or specifically Cherybelle members or fans, who shop for cute and girlish not to say China-made accessories in Strawberry, Naughty or... you name it all , I feel pity for you because in Petaling Street you can buy in bulk and it is very cheap. I was starting to think that these stores are the suppliers for them. I am also thinking of taking business opportunity because of that. *cough*
I literally cough by the way
I did not shop much because I was cashed out, I am always cashed out! My biggest spend was on the Cath Kidston postman bag. Don't judge me and don't question about the originality... but it is just as good as the original one and it has label inside *self defense* and my smallest spend was on a grey passport cover which was only RM. 10.
We also went for some snacking. I tried home-made ice cream on bread and it was okay. The flavors were yam, strawberry, corn and chocolate... thank god there was no durian flavor!
Later at lunch, we had Indonesian food in Central Market, and I wish I could snap a picture of my meal. It was Mee pedas special and it came inside a mini stove, it was very Korean-like and yet It could not be opened. The Abang was trying so hard to open it and it was quite a moment to watch for other costumers. The meal, it was turned out to be like just a normal mee I ate at home, with poached eggs and bakso, but they just made it prettier and sophisticated.
Long story short, I have been hunting for cool stuffs with good prices. Here are the hunting result below, including the ones from Malaka
My favorite is the yellow converse I got from Jonker. Don't ask about authenticity and originality, okay. I am broke and I don't give a damn no more. lol.

By the way this post has been on delay for so long, so I am going to post it right now! I am sorry if I miss out one thing or two or if the post is quite off haha...


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