Bachelorette Strikes

Good evening Earthlings,

First of all, I would like to wish fellow Muslim a blissful Ramadhan, and I wish you enjoy this month ahead and perform a good deed out of it. It has been a week or so since I haven't updated my blog. That is because I have been busy enjoying my Bachelorette week with my girls. It has been so much fun and it is still continuing though! When I meant "Bachelorette", you might think of something crazy and wild, but trust me--trust us--what we do here, is far from that sort of description. No participants of this Bachelorette week is about to get married, yet. We are just 5 girls who happen to receive their bachelor degree, in various field of communications, recently and being very celebrative about it. I will introduce you to the member, one by one, shortly. I am going to explain how it happens first. I hope this post will not be too long but summarizing enough, because I need to get to bed early for sahur in the morning. Oh well, it is almost midnight so...

It was started on Tuesday, July 17. I was kinda bummed because my family had left for Medan and Palembang. Then I thought, the next few days ahead would be deadly boring. But, I was wrong. At the evening, three of my friend invited me for a sushi bonanza. It is has been a  tradition for us to gather for sushi bonanza. My friend, one of the bachelorettes, has always been very kind to initiate the gathering. Sushi Bonanza is a promo week that is sponsored by one of well-know sushi restaurants in Malaysia, where costumers can enjoy sushi at RM.2 per plate... what's not to love?! And boy, did we eat a lot.

ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low enough baby
we ate that much that night... and there were more

From sushi, we moved to Starbucks Cyberjaya which is just recently opened. Finally, we could enjoy a fresh brew around the neighborhood. Then we have another addition to the team, Farah Diba. I didn't know what made us so chirpy and extremely loud that night. I think they might put something inside our drinks that made people next to us, had to move because of our noise!
people who are responsible for making the rest of us LOL that night
I wonder why they are not in OVJ yet.
Do you notice what is Dea drinking? Something green. We were not sure if it is purely green tea latte. We were at the coffeshop until it was closing then we moved into my room for the sleepover and since then, my room has never been occupied without extra occupants. They, hereby, declare my room as the "basecamp". I am flattered, knowing how silent and private my room used to be.
I don't know how to continue this but we've been through many things together these past days. But the next day we were having picnic breakfast in my room. The following morning Lisa and all of my friends cooked sinful breakfast I have ever eaten. I wish there are pictures. Anyhow, it was cheese omelet, savory french toast (Farah almost insisted to put some sugar on it), what appeared like a ham but it was not--it was slices of corned beef and they fried it!--and fruit cuts. Then, we went for T.G.I.F for lunch.  We were supposed to catch a movie that day but we could not. So, the following day, we were catching up for "The Dark Knight Rises". For this occasion, I would like to express my condolence to the victims of the Colorado shootings. I was upset when finding out about the news, but anyhow, the movie is by far, IMHO, the best movie of 2012. I am not saying this, because everyone says so. But because this movie is just the best and I almost cried at the end. I was being so whiny that the next person looked at me quizzically and Dea had to calm this 'lebay' girl down. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such a darling and makes the movie another plus one, and Tom Hardy as well, so plus 2, but I have never had so much hatred on Tom Hardy after seeing the movie. It is certain that he is so hot and dangerous, no doubt about that. I just didn't fancy the way he looked with those wrestler's muscles, he reminded me of WWE wrestlers... scary. That day, Lolyta, Lisa, Dea and I went to Loyta's sister service class at Taylor University. It was my first-time experience to a service class and I was like "so this is it!" we were trying our best to be good guest but we ended up giggling about everything. We lost our table manners. Luckily, it was just a class. But, Tiffany, Lolyta's sister could not escape our teasing that caused her one or couple of complaints from her lecturer... poor girl, but she did a good job though. The meal was good too. It would be better if I was not too full from my late lunch. We had a bun, quiche lorraine, a fish dish which name is hard to pronounce--yet Lisa keeps teasing Tiff in french to pronounce the name correctly, a swiss roll for dessert and a virgin--something--sunrise for drinks. It was lovely.

Tiffany hides her giggle whilst serving food

We were also settling our leftover business and administration in campus together for a day or two. Then on Friday, one of our Bachelorettes was going home for good. But we still had time to catch up for Nando's and again, the people next to our table were moving because we were being too loud.

It is difficult to convey every moment that we spent together. Materializing this is not close enough with what we experience. I hope what I write here can capture the right essence of this craziness. By the way I have not introduce the Bachelorette, don't I?

Meet the Bachelorettes

the bobble heads this picture never fails to make me laugh

You know me, so I don't bother to explain further about me... haha... The person next to me is Dea. She is the Bachelor of Mass Communication, and is now leaving for good to Jakarta. By the time this post is posted, she is attending some love seminar in J-town... haha sorry for spilling out the beans, De! You can pronounce her name anyway you like, for instance, you can call her Dile, she loves it so much. I realize she is the most favorite person among the bachelorettes for me to tease haha... On the bottom left is Fara. She is my classmates of the whole three years and the holder of Bachelor in Professional Communication in PR. It sounds so cool with the title on, right? Originally from Aceh so you won't be confused no more knowing why she acts mostly hyperactive all the time--if you know what I mean, which you probably don't haha. I mean, you know what Aceh is famous for lol, naaah kidding this girl is good I tell you--and please do not let her stay near Dea because they will make a lethal combination of trolling that makes you laugh so hard that would shape and harden your abs. No need to go to the gym, just listen to them, making fools of everything around us. We wonder why these girls are not on TV yet, seriously! In the bottom middle is Miss Lisa C, also my classmate of 3 years and the holder of Bachelor in Professional Communication in Advertising and she gets the Presidential Award for Leadership as well... woohoo! We spend most of the time together since we are under the same major and she copes with me all the time. Together, we plan our future to secure a job in KL, but in the meantime, we troll hard haha... On the bottom right is Lolyta, the holder of Bachelor in Digital & Film Television, who is pursuing her study in Korea pretty soon. Her other obsession is to cook and eat which makes her a perfect partner in culinary crime with Lisa. They are like two peas in a pod. To add, she is also a talented dancer and dance for Epsilon, a K-Pop dance group. We are actually expecting another bachelorette, Yanka, our PR classmate. But because one thing and another she couldn't join us, but she is a bachelorette too!

It is funny that we have been studying under one roof in FCMB or Communication faculty yet we rarely see each other completely. We may have other friends and play with them. Few people tried to break us, one time they succeeded, but later we found our way back to each other. In the end we stick together. Personally, I am a very closed person and a "gang" is not really my thing. That is why I found it hard to find a community of friends where I would be belonged to, because I hate exclusivity and I hate to be hurt to fit in. Gang makes me feel like outcast and unwanted. It makes me feel like I have never been good enough for everybody to accept me. But with them, it does not feel like a "gang" or fitting in. Friendship just happens. It feels like they always welcome me, and I welcome them heartfully. Deep down, I realize I have written something that I have never expected for me to write--and I am surpirsed at how this post can turn to be this emotional--Because, I, myself, think that I am not a very celebrative person and tend to draw back whenever I feel happy and secured with friends. But, this proves that I have been growing so far from my insecurities. It has been a complete week with my Bachelorettes and I thank you, girls for that!

I love my Bachelorettes!


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