At the Cafe

Hi friends,
This is my first published anthology writing and I am collaborating with other writers from Nulisbuku Club (NBC) Palembang. When my story gets picked, I am so happy because I have been stopped writing for a while and this is a good appreciation to my comeback.
My story is story #11 called "Decaf, no foam" is a girl-meets-boy kind of story about self-independence and gender portrayal struggle, but the story is pretty simple though. This is inspired by one of Jason Segel's tweet one time. He saw a guy proposes a girl inside a coffeshop, so light bulb came up.
The book can be ordered from here
I am not looking forward to monetary gain, but I am hoping to share my writing and works. Please, do order if you are curious about this book. I am sure there are more interesting stories inside from other writers too.
Haha, I am babbling as if I am a professional writer, I will someday, I hope. So, take my self-boasting easy, eh, because I need that.


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