In less than 12 hours

I will be flying back to my homecountry. I have done my duties as a student here and this is getting emotional. Since the first week of my last semester, I have been struggling with myself. Honestly, this is  the toughest semester for me, but I learnt a lot and I still am.
This semester I had a whirlwind of friendship meltdown with two of my bestfriends.
This semester I had to tell my housemate about what I really feel about her cat.
This semester I quitted a college organization in which I am still chased to pay certain kind of 'debt'... weird.
This semester I had to start and finish my dissertation.
This semester I have to plan my future will be like
This semester I have to bust my ass off to find as many information as possible for future scholarships overseas.
This semester I have to bust my ass off to find a permanent real job
This semester I am facing rejections.
This semester I am preparing myself to present well in front of my future employer
This semester I have my blog :)
This semester I have been writing a lot.
This semester I am finishing what I have started
This semester I have many things to decide and left undecided.
I have been learning so much for these past 15 weeks and it is not over yet... This is just the beginning. So God help me, pass me through....


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