Greeting Earthlings!

My name is Ayu Meutia Azevy and welcome to my new blog. Credit to my friend, Aidha Meuthia and her motivational talk that persuades me to create a new blog spot account. I used to have one when I was using Friendster by the way. I am 20 years-old Indonesian who is currently trying to graduate on-time from one of Malaysia's private universities in Cyberjaya.  Okay, I don't really know how to start. But--I like to write. I like to read. I like to write stories. Mostly I write stories and poems in Indonesian, but occasionally, I write in English too, depends on my inspiration. I am an amateur writer. Occasionally, write for some short stories contests--sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't--oh, well. I usually keep my writings in my document folder or posted on my Tumblr account here. I once tried to write screenplay as well. My greatest achievement in writing is becoming the Runner-Up for Kawanku's Short Story competition in 2008. They haven't still pay me yet. Though you have read it, my story was titled "The Transporter". No, it is not that action-packed movie starring Jason--something. It was sci-fi, "jumper"-inspired. I thought the story was silly. It was actually written for my school assignment then I resend it to the contest. The result was unexpected. Ok, enough for the boast--but I might need it though. Boast is no harm, especially when you are shy and underrated like me.

Well, I hope I can start.
And this post would have been better with a cute dreamy Tumblr-like picture welcoming you all, and me, the second time here on Blogspot. Here you go.


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