Don't let me die a virgin!

It is my Power Rangers fan fiction! This is so crazy! I was stalking up my old account and I found it! I was writing by the pen-name of "pavementchaser" I love Adele before it was cool!  The story is titled, "Trapped", which is basically about... Okay I am about to sound geeky here, a yellow astro-space ranger (this was taken time during the Power Rangers in Space, oh god, I am so geeky!) , Ashley, whose body is being taken by an alien soul. She has to find a way to rebel from it and save the others who happened to be in the same way. It is influenced by Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Twilight was a hit back then. But, The Host is pretty much better than the Twilight Saga. I like the idea of science fiction, this was written after/before the new Star Trek movie came in. I was obsessed with sci-fi back then in 2009, and I am now thinking to recreate this story, well yeah.

Seriously, this is so ridiculous but I am proud of it. Because, this is my first-full English writing back in high school, whereby, I was not getting used to talk and write in English. I notice some grammar mistakes here and there, but yeah... that's quite cool.

Click here to read the story! Have a nice read.

Here is an awesome image of the most awesome teens in spandex putting their sombreros!


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