Before I go to the dark cave

So, I decide to write one last post before I am concentrating onto my dissertation again. As if everybody follow my postings religiously. I know it will be so tempting to write during the late hours of stay-at-home weekend and I know I won't be able to do that for a while. Although, I have few ideas and tweaks for my novel draft (Yes, I have a novel draft)

I have been through a lot during this week. But this week is a good week. Although, I might struggle with the same case of--I want to write professionally, but wait, I might need to find work or scholarship!--like I said, I have a pretty good week.

By the way I am so sleepy right now.

I am trying my best to set my feet up. I remembered one of my friends said that If I really love writing, I should be hanging around with people from the same circle, same passion. So, I initiate a short-story compilation with my Indonesian friends here. I am still getting over my disappointment because my story did not make the cut to one of writing projects. I mean, c'mon, how could you reject Ayu Meutia Azevy a.k.a Adjoemoet. Big wink over here. Some of my friends agree to join, some are just not in the same vision as I am. That's good though, they have a strong reason which I understand. I need full force of support and I need no more of people backing up and leaving their messes around. I am good. I need no more. *cough*juniors*cough*

I meet my old friend, Azhari Harris (yes I mention you in my blog, and by the time this post is posted, hand me those exotic souvenirs) who is now probably floating gracefully on the Dead Sea, I mean in a positive, good connotation, seriously. Go have some good mineral bath in Jerusalem! Whilst, me drooling over on Lonely Planet books.

What I like when meeting my old friend here is that I got to come to the airport. Not LCCT, but KLIA. As an Indonesian, who travels mostly by AirAsia--by the way, It is not because I am poor, I have uncles who works as pilots there, you know. meh--I have to admit, our airport are nowhere near modern. I know they are going to renovate it, but let's not put hopes to high, fellow Indos. So, I really enjoyed my time up there at the viewing gallery. That's what inspires my recent poems, in case everyone wonders, which I think none do. I have a huge obsession towards aircraft, okay. If I were born as a male and grew one feet taller. I definitely am gonna be a pilot. Then I wrapped up the day by taking train home, not ...

You know what I am so freaking tired. None of you should be reading this. I will continue, but Imma post this anyway. Sorry for being annoying, but hey, most people are today.

See you later, alligator


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