50 shades of... I am not reading anymore

I was considering to make a post after I finished reading 50 Shades of Grey, then reconsidering... anyway, I can't believe this made the first posting about my recent read. I thought I would be about "Supernova: Partikel." That book was very good, in fact, I was heavily obsessed and I would love write about it here. But compared to 50 shades, it is incomparable in many ways.

Firstly, I heard about the book long time ago from a posting in The Jakarta Globe. Then, my friend reminded me about the book recently, very recent, this Wednesday. So I went to see my usual book lady on Friday. I got the book. She must be wondering what a young girl like me would  seek into this book. Previously, I purchased Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk--which I haven't finished reading--so I bet she knows how confusing my reading pattern is. I am trying to read every genre possible. A little sound from my subconscious wants to sounds smart, all self-boasting and bragging. She didn't know that I would prove her wrong just within 24 hours after purchasing. Reading this was a mistake. But, to redeem years wasted of not touching literature references, I went for it anyway.

FYI, I managed to finish 500 over pages of this book within 24 hours, which is impressive for a girl with my skill. I have tendency to be disturbed when reading, especially for non-Indonesian book. Maybe the story or the details helps me very well. I can't believe I just wrote that, but anyhow, I will write more so.... It is even more impressive, compared 6 days spent to finish my recent favorite read, Partikel, which is written in my mother language and is also 500 over words thick.

What can I say about this book?

I was reaching 100 over pages, and I just couldn't believe, why would the author make a second and third book? I am confused, when it comes to my mind, that this book... this particular series... has followers. There are actually followers that are driven to read more and more, I am surprised... about the humanity and the overexposed sexual behavior which people are not ashamed to show.

I knew the nature of the theme. I knew of BDSM practices from many references, mostly from implications though, not to mention Rihanna's songs. lol. But I don't expect the detailed concept to be this heart-breaking. Are there actual people doing that? I might be raised from a traditional religious family and friends, but I am growing to tolerable modern society. But to this extent, it is just get confusing and upsetting as I read through the 'paperwork agreement' part. It is so inhuman. It is so sad, not to mention that the submissive character was head-over-heel in love with the dominant, who does not want to involve emotionally.

But the book and the concept is not bad and that engrossing, in fact, I found it relate-able and understandable. I understand why Ana, who prefers to read classics rather than involve in real casual dating, who is very closeted yet full of insecurities, falls for Christian. I like how the author invites her subconscious to the story, it is shows how Ana actually thinks. She often asked, "This must not be just because of the sex, right?"

If I may answer to her face, no it is not just because of the sex, it is also because of the perks! I know she never mention that she loves the perks nor avoid mentioning that. I believe she's not distracted by the perks, but whether she realizes or not it is actually helping. What if Christian does not have impressive cars, helicopters and jets? Would that be the same? What if Christian is just a photographer like Jose who is occasionally taking Ana out to bar, not to a fancy restaurant? It helps. Ana is just fragile, vulnerable and shallow, like most of young women in her 20s, including me... but I won't sacrifice to that extent.

I am so impatient when both of the characters do not work out together, at the end of the book one, not sure what happens in book two and three, and yes, I am spoiling it here. lol. Why can't they just be together? They are definitely attracted to each other since they first met. It is obvious, but thanks to gutless, heartless Christian... what is wrong with you, man?

Anything happens in the next and following book, Christian or not Christian, Ana deserves so much better, just like every woman in this world who are confused on their quest to find love. This book is not empowering for women, it just makes them more desperate. From article I read in The Jakarta Globe, it is said that most of the fans are housewives or mature female. I understand. I become more understand the point, when I found out that 50 Shades were actually a Twilight fanfiction... now it comes to an understandable point. Both of the books talk about dangerous desire and tend to have mature female followers... so not empowering.

However, I see this literature as a movement.  I mean, This book says something like, "see guys, women are like that too..." which I like just to remind male population not to be a smart-ass douche when it comes to sexual relationship.

Another thing that I concern while reading, why would Ana like to bite her lips and by all means, Why Christian is so easy to well... be stimulated. I couldn't keep pace with the books. It is so tiring, I sometimes need a break between chapter to chapter. I wonder how tiring it is to be Ana... poor Ana. 

In a way, my fascination towards the book is still questionable, like Ana's feeling to Christian or otherwise. But, I will not read further. I had enough of the first book. The description is so detailed and some are just too demeaning. But I can't hide the fact that I enjoyed it. Should I wink here? Lol. But there are few parts which I just can't enjoy... so I skipped. I am inspired anyway, maybe I plan to write brave flash-fiction.

Overall the book is not bad...

Not bad...


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