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Hopeless Romantic

When I was a teenager, music was my life line. I grew up in a small area with only terrestrial television channels and there was no internet. But I subscribed to heaps of lifestyle and music magazine. I listened to radio and I followed some good programs only few existed in the city of Palembang. That was 2003 and I was a middle school student. I had no one to talk to, except music. Sure enough, I took some vocal lesson and joined bands.

My music career is not doing well (or rather, it is non existent) compared to my writing career. But music has helped in so many ways. I polish my English through music, I was a poet first thanks to lyrics and music. In many ways, music stimulates my creativity. It helps me to organize a creative sequence of a script or an idea. It makes me daydream.

So I don't know if this is going to be an album review or not, but I am going to talk about Michelle Branch's new album : Hopeless Romantic.

I hope you guys have listened to one or two tracks.


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